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Topic: Come Away Death - improved version ?

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    Come Away Death - improved version ?

    Since I posted this saxophone and piano piece - my first JABB attempt - here a couple of weeks ago, I've been hard at work tweaking and reworking it in line with Garritan forum users' recommendations (and thank you all once again for the invaluable comments !). There have now been eleven versions - I kid you not - and I think this one is about as far as I can go without further advice. If any of the original listeners (or any new ones) can bear to have another look at it, I'd be really grateful: my main focus is on using JABB and all the CCs correctly, and getting the instrument to sound as saxophone-y as I can. Many thanks in advance -

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    Re: Come Away Death - improved version ?

    Hi, Viv--This is great that you went back to the "drawing board" armed with the Forum's feedback you found useful. And I appreciate that you're offering up the fruits of your labor.

    --Wow, now I have to say this is obviously a huge improvement. I really liked your first version, despite technical issues that we all talked about.

    You've used a different Sax, and it's sitting in the melody's range much better--You've done considerable work with cc1 and other controllers. You've made good use of the key click sounds and breath too--niice! Better use of reverb it seems to me also.

    I'm extremely impressed. Piano and Sax are working together in a very natural sounding duet, and I love it.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Come Away Death - improved version ?

    Hi Viv,
    maybe the piano could be louder, as much as the sax.

    an interesting thing to do is to turn the volume of your mix way way way down in volume and listen, in most phrases, you should be able to hear all the instruments.

    Try this,
    nice sound though!

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    Re: Come Away Death - improved version ?

    Much, much, much improved, Viv!

    With Dan, I think perhaps the sax is too hot (loud) in
    the mix; or the piano is too cool (soft)... either way.

    This is growing into a good, natural, realistic sound,
    though, by all means... truly expressive; which is the
    hardest thing to accomplish in this medium.

    Strictly personal taste: I think, were it me, I might
    go just the barest bit more on the reverb -- not too
    much to kill the intimacy, but enough to add a little
    more life.

    Keep it coming, Viv!

    My best,


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    Re: Come Away Death - improved version ?

    Randy, Dan and David - thank you so much for your ears and your advice. I too had the feeling that the piano was too soft - I was probably over-compensating for the slight harshness I felt it had last time. It's a good tip about turning the volume down to see if the mix is right - thanks ! Interesting suggestion about needing more reverb - I actually feared I might have overdone it this time ! - just goes to show why we need other listeners. When my day-job allows, I'll have a final tweak at it, and in due course maybe extend it... or, alternatively, get to work on those GPO violins .
    By the way, Randy, many congratulations on your richly-deserved Garritan reward. What a brilliant forum.

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    Thumbs up Re: Come Away Death - improved version ?

    Not sure why, but slow jazz pieces for duet of piano and sax like this always remind me of sitting at an outdoor cafe in Lutry by the lake. I guess this type of music is to music what Van Gogh's outdoor cafe is to painting. Thanks for posting such a lovely piece, so serene and placid, i'll listen to it again later outdoors for the full benifit. I think i will also find the earlier thread for the tips you recieved, they must have been some very good ones.


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    Re: Come Away Death - improved version ?

    I am not going to comment on the rendering, DPDAN already did (and others).
    I liked the song very much. Great combination.


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    Re: Come Away Death - improved version ?

    I agree with etLux about the reverb... maybe just a wee bit can help add a bit of warmth to the sax.

    I haven't heard any of the other versions, so it was great to hear this for the first time! Very nice work!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Come Away Death - improved version ?

    I also didn't hear the previous versions, but I mostly like your piece. And I might have a suggestion. In my opinion the sax do not attack the notes. This sounds strange to me. You use the pedal to the slured notes? I would try not to use this for every first note in a phrase...

    Thanks for posting it

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    Re: Come Away Death - improved version ?

    Hi, Viv--Locis's new reply on this thread made me curious to listen for what he heard--the soft attacks on the Sax.

    Hmm. Well, it would be over-stating it to say that Every first note is being slurred. Once in awhile, I do seem to hear what he's talking about. Several times though, I interpreted what I'm hearing as being a swoop up in volume via cc1, rather than an actual softened attack.

    Viv, you understand the point though that cc64 shouldn't be in front of the first note of a phrase, since that legato command cuts off the attack portion of the sample?

    Here's something I've done often to insure a solid attack when I still need a passage to be of medium or soft volume--Full cc1 value for the first split second of the note, swooping down almost immediately to a mid-range value, between 50 and 70. And if I haven't done sufficient volume swooping of that sort in the MIDI realm, a volume envelope on the .wav form of the track can help the effect along even more.

    So, this particular jury is out on whether or not you've softened too many notes in this. Interesting observation though, and worth investigating.

    Randy B.

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