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Topic: Short Track

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    Smile Short Track

    I'm a little more exited about this one than most of the junk I've been
    churning out lately:


    I got a little battery powered Zoom 8 track, great for practicing and
    starting songs.
    This one started out on that, then got transferred to SONAR for leads,
    drums, bass and mixing.
    The clean (compressed though) guitars are recorded with the Zoom, and I ended up tracking the bass through it also, because
    I like the dirty amp modeling it does.
    The drums is an old soundfont I got from Cakewalk.

    All comments welcome!

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    Smile Re: Short Track

    Hi Troels,

    Really liked the track you posted (zoom 3) - very innovative, although the slow chord arpeggio reminded me (in a good way) of Mahavishnu Orchestra's 'Dance Of Maya' from 'Inner Mounting Flame' - yours is a bit more 'major' though. I'm surprised (and disappointed) that after 2 days, you haven't received any other comments on your post (maybe its not the best forum section to post on). I've looked at your website and, again, I'm impressed with the variety and originality of your music - this is hard to find in the UK. If anyone's reading, check out http://www.troelsoxenvad.com

    Best wishes Hywel Maggs (UK)

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    Re: Short Track

    Thanks a lot Hywel, for listening and for your encouraging remarks!
    I'm not familiar with much of Mahavishnu Orchestra's music, but now I want to check it out.


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