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Topic: Pops in Garritan JABB-Trombone1

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    Pops in Garritan JABB-Trombone1

    Hi All:

    I'm getting occasional pops or clicks in the Garritan Jazz and Big Band library on my dual 1.42 GHz G4, 2 Gigs RAM, OS10.4.9, running Dig. Performer 5.11 with a PCI-434 and 2408 Mk3 + 1296 interfaces. The samples are set to load in RAM, not stream from hard drive, so drive speed shouldn't be a problem. My buffers in DP are set to 1024 (the highest). I'm just playing one voice of the Trombone-1 patch, so RAM shouldn't be a problem. When I called Garritan, they suggested upping my buffer, which I did by upping the host multiplier as if I had another audio interface. -Didn't help.

    It's only Trombone-1, either the KS or non-KS version, including the Lite version of this patch. As far as I can tell at this point, that's the only instrument that does it. It happens when playing 3 or four quick notes (32nds). The only thing that helps it is to set the sustain pedal to control sustain, rather than legato. I would use another trombone, but all the others are much more mellow. I tried making sure the durations of the MIDI notes didn't overlap each other - no joy. This happens when the output level is only half way to the top, so it's not clipping anything.

    Any ideas? I'm WAY over my deadline for turning out this project.


    Robert Cartwright

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    Re: Pops in Garritan JABB-Trombone1

    Actually - now I'm hearing it in another piece on the Trumpet1 track. Only thing playing... Yikes!

    Robert Cartwright

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    Re: Pops in Garritan JABB-Trombone1

    You could try muting/archiving/unloading other instruments until it plays properly, and then freeze (bounce to audio) the track. Then use that audio track along with the other midi tracks for the final mix.

    - k

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    Re: Pops in Garritan JABB-Trombone1


    It could be known problems with the latest version of OSX 10.4.9 and/or that your system is a little underpowered. Here is a recent report:

    AU Plugin Vendors: Hold Off On OSX 10.4.9 Upgrade

    According to Gearwire:

    "...something appears to be amiss with Apple's most recent OSX software upgrade, 10.4.9. Plugin maker Ohm Force sent the following to Gearwire...)
    Important Note Caution: the installation of 10.4.9 can empcher the operation of our plug-ins AudioUnits. 10.4.9 installs a new version of auval, with which our plug-ins WITH is incompatible. We did not think that this version would be publi?e before the exit of 10.5 We wish to put a new version? day which will pass the validation within 3 weeks. Meanwhile, we advise you not to install 10.4.9.
    While it could be made clearer, it seems that Ohm Force is advising users to not apply the 10.4.9 upgrade specifically due to changes in the AU subsystem.

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    Re: Pops in Garritan JABB-Trombone1

    That's a drag... Hopefully, since it's a known and widespread problem, Apple will get on the stick and fix it soon! What's the proper channel at Apple for emailing protests?

    And thanks,


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