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Topic: Need advice programming percussion

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    Need advice programming percussion

    I'm fairly new to VIs - so my apologies if this is a question that's elementary. I searched the archive and couldn't find anything that seemed to help.

    I've got a couple of songs that need light percussion and maybe some brushed drum kit sounds. I'm finding out that just using the loops in Stylus RMX(even with Backbeat and DOD's Essential Percussion) and EZDrummer is not giving me a real enough feel and sound. I am using Digital Performer 4.61 on OS 10.3.9 with a M-Audio Keystation 49e MIDI Controller. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how I can do this without it sounding fake-ish?

    Also, on the tracks I had live players play on the other instruments. I just don't have a drum iso booth and so decided to use VIs for percussion/drums. We all played to a click/perc track.

    In trying to add other percussion parts, using RMX or EZD as the VI, I always end up coming in late or early(premature percussion?). Is there anyway to configure the setup so that the current/newly played track/loop comes in on time or instantaneously when I hit the play key on the UI or the key or keys on the controller?

    Of course, I can always move the track around later but it just ruins the "moment", ya know? ;-)



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    Re: Need advice programming percussion

    For your first question, buy the Liquid Grooves sage expander and never look back. I give you my personal guarantee that it is EXACTLY what you are looking for, it is the essence of light percussion and the brush kit loops are few, but unmatched, and very flexible (I would love to see more of those brush kit loops Eric!).

    Not sure about the second question, but I would start with RMX in groove menu MIDI mode and trigger mode as immediate, both of these settings are found in the bottom right of the RMX UI. Sounds like that might be what you are looking for, good luck.

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