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Topic: Elizabethan Era Instruments (Lute, etc.)

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    Elizabethan Era Instruments (Lute, etc.)

    Does anyone know of a virtual instrument or sample library for Elizabethan instruments (c. 1550-1600)? Examples would be lute, harpsichord, viol, virginal, dulcimer, etc.



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    Re: Elizabethan Era Instruments (Lute, etc.)

    Ken--In case you didn't see it (since that group is so active), I posted a fairly detailed response today in the Sample Libraries forum.


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    Re: Elizabethan Era Instruments (Lute, etc.)

    Hello Ken,

    Some -if noy all- of the instrument are captured by Andreas Sumerauer. You can find him at http://www.soundbytes.de/?sampling-en

    Good luck,


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    Re: Elizabethan Era Instruments (Lute, etc.)

    I love medieval, renaissance and baroque musique.

    I've uploaded a soundfont (if you have Awave studio, you can convert it into any other instrument format) to rapidshare.

    It's from Early Patches, a beautiful alto krummhorn a free demo gig instrument (that I converted to sf2).


    Enjoy it

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