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Topic: HI, Tenacious D - 'Tribute' orchestrated ! tips ?

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    HI, Tenacious D - 'Tribute' orchestrated ! tips ?

    Hi everyone *welcomes myself to the forum*
    I have been using GPO since a while - Trying things out, having fun..

    This is a popular rock-song called 'Tribute' from 'Tenacious D'.
    They are famous with this song, right now. And this is my orchestrated sketch. Trying finding the right instruments/mood

    What instruments would you suggest ? Or any tips highly welcomed:


    Info: Original Instruments used: 1 accoustic guitar, 1 distortion guitar & 1 "clean" electric-guitar. Split up all parts for different orchestra-instruments , tried to somewhat "simulate" the catch and sound of the original music + added slow beat with percussion. Very soft, but thats what i want do

    I'am happy with the instruments-selection now.
    But the end is not that exactly that expression i want - especially the very fast part with incredible Harpsichord hits at the end (mozart would be amazed) it's cool, but brass is not doing what i want, there !

    Descriptive Instruments Use: The "medium-high" parts of the original 'accoustic guitar' are mainly played by violin 1, violin 2 & cello (all short bows) + piano, xylophone & marimba, building the very base, variating between them and build a musical play.
    In the last part, piano plays almost all heights together. That would be 5 hands needed ! I want it realistic as possible. So, i dont know if i should use a piano-duo there. Or what instruments would a listener expect and add to the base mood ?

    The 'Distortion-guitar': Is played by a bassoon, trumpet (with overlay), harpsichord fade in + later French horn and less Bassoon playing.

    The 'Electric-Guitar' is played by trombone, vibraphone and tuba fade-in (all brass use overlay)

    Percussion's are: Bass-drum, Timpani, Snares, Cymbals (all solo).
    Used a total of 10 GPO Instances for each Instruments-Group, 5 different Reverbs for them with different wet/dry & pre-delay settings and invidual Equalizing for the correct instruments-location.
    SIR:32bit IR, "stereo to stereo". Location is l960small-church: a beautyfull location that i think, sounds "dark".

    Question: What is that with the pre-delay ?
    Should have percussion more or less than the strings as example ? Percussions are more in the back, but they go faster trough the air.
    So whats should they get ?
    I always use something like 15<->25ms: Strings-Woodwind-Brass-Percussion

    There is one 'crack' in the render! Trough the reverb it almost sounds like a life-like record to me. Probably that will not happen again

    Please help me make this piece a masterpiece. I need some musical-experience.
    But not too much ! I'am sure every musical-teacher would say "This is so wrong, The interpretation is so wrong You cant !" - "yes mr. teacher, i'am learning !"

    Thanks, that was alot. Good evening ladys and gentlemans

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    Re: HI, Tenacious D - 'Tribute' orchestrated ! tips ?

    Hello, BuddhaMaster

    #1 thing for you to do: Get your song out of File Front and on to a decent sharing site like "BOX" immediately.

    File Front is like too many other totally junked out sites which are causing problems on their visitors' computers. I tried three times to download the song--here's the bogus message I got each time:

    Your download has failed. You have an invalid session set.

    Whatever That's supposed to mean.

    Totally irked with that site, not you. Do yourself a favor and get your music to http://www.box.net where we can have an enjoyable experience of simply going to a site and either playing or downloading a song.

    Second suggestion--I haven't heard your piece, obviously, but feel it would help you out to edit your post, thin it down to fewer questions. It's quite possible you haven't gotten any responses because 1) File Front is a bogus, bad place to post and 2) Your long list of questions is a bit overwhelming.

    I understand you want feedback, and are uncertain about a large number of things in your project. But other people really can't make decisions for you. You can make decisions for yourself in these areas of doubt you have--Just remember that No decision will be the "right" one. We just have to make choices and then see what happens. You're not sure of what instrument to use at a certain point? Try one. See if You like it, not if everybody else does. You're the musician in charge of your project.

    I do want to hear what you've done. And when you post it again, I strongly suggest you simply say, "Here's what I've done. Feedback would be appreciated."

    Best wishes to you.

    Randy B.

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    Re: HI, Tenacious D - 'Tribute' orchestrated ! tips ?

    I just skipped all the questions, remarks, etc. Don't knwo how to answer to this. But this piece sounds good. Maybe you can raise the tempo a bit. I never heard the original, so all the stories about the amended instrumentation just ....(void)... I'm not a teacher, nor a composer, but a listener. And this really has potential, but you have to work your way down to get it more symphonic. Why do you tell us that SIR with that impulse is just dark and clear? Dark and clear aren't musical terms. Better to strive to realistic sounding reverbs, dark where it should, clear and shrill where needed, etc. ALTIVERB!!! to quote DPDAN.

    This reminds me of the old days where people just bought a woofer (30 inch) to give the sound a warm, dark character (those mono days, you know). I want a trumpet as a trumpet......period. Try it and you like it.

    But for the piece.... go on please.

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    Re: HI, Tenacious D - 'Tribute' orchestrated ! tips ?

    Gosh, sorry, BuddhaMaster; but I'm running into the same thing
    Randy did...

    In any event, a warm welcome to the forum!

    I'll try this again at a later time; though I've already hit it
    several times...

    My best,


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    Re: HI, Tenacious D - 'Tribute' orchestrated ! tips ?


    I was not sure if too much text is a good idea but tried to tell the story behind. I know: Alot of text always looks scary so, i'am sorry for that and i will listen to what you said.

    Thanks for these tips and recommendations <-- i know its spelled wrong..

    Ok New file, now you can Direct-Listening: http://www.box.net/shared/srgadohox4
    (does it work ?)


    Hi there,
    I read alot about you and i think you are a well known member here. By the way: I cannot hear your 'Piano Concerto' Parts 1-3 , files are missing/removed ! So, that seems to be the advantage of these sites.

    I would describe the Reverb as "cold" because of what the things look like: Wood as example looks and probably even sounds "warm". A empty church has a "cold" touch. I dont know if its wrong. But trying describe a location is not too bad at all, thats my view of things. A'm i right ?
    Glad to read something from you, i will again read everything and trying to get in my mind/heart. Time passes / Time comes..

    Probably building in some variating percussion part. Something fast, where music comes to a rest and continues fading in for the last part. The so called "climax" with the incredible fast harpsichord hits

    Btw: My real name is the same as yours, if spoken in english

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    Re: HI, Tenacious D - 'Tribute' orchestrated ! tips ?

    Quote Originally Posted by BuddhaMaster
    Raymond Hi there,
    I read alot about you and i think you are a well known member here. By the way: I cannot hear your 'Piano Concerto' Parts 1-3 , files are missing/removed ! So, that seems to be the advantage of these sites.
    They are on: http://www.esnips.com/web/PianoConcertos
    Never knew I was so "famous" on this forum. To get back on earth, have another look at your settings, please. Give it enough pace in your mind, you will get to it eventually. Inspiration is not something you can force te be there.

    Btw: My real name is the same as yours, if spoken in english
    My father was a teacher french languages, so my name is pronounced in french. What is wrong with the english version? Nothing, so continue to pronounce it you like .... a big smile. But the last name: Robijns, was always something nobody could pronounce well or write down the right way. I've seen: Robbins, Robins, Robigns, etc. In fact it is a belgian last name, the family originated from Belgium [far down in history].

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