Hi everyone. I've just added Kontakt 2 to my DP studio, and I'm trying to figure out the output routing. What I'm trying to do is have groups of instruments with discreet virtual outputs that I can route to aux tracks in DP. For example, have all my various celli articulations (long, staccato, pizz) coming out one output, violas another, etc, so that when freezing the tracks in DP, I can select them all, hit freeze, and have separate stems built.

When I open up the Outputs section, there's two stereo channels, a surround channel, and four auxilliaries. If I click on the Configure button I can send it out st. 1 & 2, st. 3 & 4, or the surround outputs or aux's. These all seem to be coming into DP through whatever channels I've got the instance of Kontakt open on. In Kompakt (which I was using previously), I could add aux inputs in DP, then route the instruments accordingly, sending them out whatever output I needed, but I can't seem to figure out how to do this in Kontakt.

Sorry for the convoluted explanation, but any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.