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Topic: Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

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    Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    Hi to everyone!
    Although I have been here many times before, this is my first post. I believe that it will be of interest to quite a few other members of this Forum.
    Two weeks ago I purchased the Bluthner Digital Model One and have had some time to go through it. I think that it is an amazing product with a ground breaking "realistic piano tone". I love the full warm deep bass tone and the incredible versatility of the Timbral Impulses (personally use the Classical Impulses). The sound of the soft piano layers makes this sampled piano a real joy to play.
    I do have something to compare the BDMO to because I own several other piano libraries Akoustik Piano, Ivory incl. Fazioli, Pianoteq 2, PMI Bosendorfer 290, and The Grand 2.
    I hope that this piano will give as much enjoyment to other musicians out there, as it has to me. Take care all. Ciao for now. Steve

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    Re: Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    Great to hear this. I´m interested in the Blüthner myself.

    So how do you compare the Blüthner to the other pianos you mentioned?

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    Re: Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    Hello Steve,

    Really great to hear from you

    Thanks for the user feedback! I've been seriously looking to get the Blüthner. I've got a ton of sampled pianos already and my favorite ones are the ones with really sweet low velocities and this is the impression I'm getting with this one. Also my hero Rachmaninoff played one, so I just gotta have it

    Say hello to Maria for me

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    Re: Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    Hello Steve:

    Thanks for you input. Looks like you'r really enjoying this piano. I would also like to know how this compares to the rest of the libraries that you have. I also have many many piano libraries, and have also tried pianoteq and Truepiano. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks


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    Re: More Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    Hi to all,

    The Bluthner is a more mellow piano than most of the other listed pianos. This is the case with Bluthner pianos in general. However, is this one ever a beautiful, and very playable, mellow tone!! It is a huge package, and I have yet to try all the pianos that it has on offer. I have only had time to try a few, because once I get playing one, the time just flies by, and I realize that I have to get back to other tasks at hand. Time to just play is hard to come by. Variety is what I am after within all my pianos. This has tons of variety!!! More on this later.
    The middle and upper ranges of the pianos that I did get trying, have a beautiful crisp and clear timbre. I especially love the sympathetic resonance of the upper strings. Very real! The bass is big, but not as heavy as some other pianos. I find some bass to be a bit harsh and abrasive. Not so with this bass. It is typical Bluthner. Bass without the abrasives!
    I have not attempted any programming at all, but I am sure that if you desire a bigger, and heavier bass, it would be possible to obtain. The authors have been very precise and thorough with this piano. There is access to over 250 different pianos, right out of the box! This package has options within it that I have not come across before in any other virtual piano package. Things like Timbral Impulse Tonal Modeling, Custom Reverb Impulses, Proprietary Sustain Impulses. So, I am sure that one will be able to attain any sound that one would want. I will have to spend more time with this piano and all its possibilities. It is truly mind boggling! I can hardly wait to get trying all of the different tonal variations. The total package comes with Kontakt Player 2, so this gives even more tonal shaping possibilities to the pianos.
    I would say that there is something for everyone within this piano package. There is a group for Classical, a group for Jazz, a group for the Blues, a group for R&B with piano sounds from New Orleans, a group for Pop/Rock, and historical pianos from over 100 years ago!
    I hope that I have helped in some way. This is one deep piano library. Take care everyone. I am going back to play. Ciao for now. Steve Lucas

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    Re: Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    Sounds very promising

    Anyone in the UK purchased yet?


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    Re: Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    Yes, it sounds very promising indeed.

    One problem that I´ve had with several high profile piano sample libraries, is that several samples are missing or won´t load properly.

    Have you encountered that problem - or any other problem whatsoever - with the Blüthner?

    Appreciate your feedback.

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    Re: Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    Hi hebex and all,

    You asked if I have encountered any problems with missing samples or problems while loading the pianos? As yet, I am happy to say that I have not encountered any problems at all. Everything has went smoothly. I am always a little skeptical about the evenness of the sampling. Even this is very smooth from velocity to velocity. I have enjoyed this piano very much so far.
    Take care fellow (and lady) musicians, Steve Lucas

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    Re: Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    Thanks Steve for that detailed review and explanation. Yes indeed, it does sound like a fine instrument. I've searched the web for more reviews on this piano, and did not find much, I guess its still too new. Just a matter of time.


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    Re: Bluthner Digital Model 1: First Impressions

    How is the cpu demand of the piano? I have quite a few piano libraries, but once it comes to involve K2´s convolution engine or scripts to imitate resonance behaviour my cpu regularly maxes out though my Mac is reasonably fast (2X 2.5 GHz G5, 4 GByte RAM, 100 GByte 7200 rpm harddisk).
    I´m a bit afraid to buy a piano and playing it won´t work or only when I use a 17 ms latency on my RME audiointerface.
    Thanks for any comments in this regards

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