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Topic: OS X Maintenance Software

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    OS X Maintenance Software

    Hello everyone,

    I work at several studios in LA and we all have one simple question- what is currently the most comprehensive system maintenance untility for Apple OS X? With Symantec discontinuing SystemWorks' support of the Mac OS platform and Alsoft's mediocre DiskWarrior, there doesn't seem to be much. What is out there?


    Joe Trapanese

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    Re: OS X Maintenance Software

    The only regular maintenance I run on my Mac is to run the full suite of automation scripts in Onyx. I then clone my drive, and keep working.

    Aside from hardware failures, I've never had any system problems with my Mac under OS X, so running any kind of sophisticated maintenance has always seemed like a waste of time and money for me.

    That said, I guess TechToolPro is probably the most comprehensive that I've run across...

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    Re: OS X Maintenance Software

    all the times DiskWarrior saved me from directory problems, I have to say DW is an incredible utility not mediocre by any means
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