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Topic: Pi as a Piano Solo

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    Pi as a Piano Solo

    Here is Pi to 1,000 Places rendered as a Piano Solo. It's one of several math songs

    I've heard many better tunes.

    Perhaps DPDan or Brian2112 can orchestrate this one

    and perhaps Sean can animated the sequnce of Pi to 1000 places.

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    Re: Pi as a Piano Solo

    One could certainly orchestrate this and make it sound quite good... But I'll have to... uh... pass on the score animating...

    I think Nora could be taught to play this...
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    Re: Pi as a Piano Solo


    is this the latest Casio Instrument?
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    Re: Pi as a Piano Solo

    One of the great little formulas of mathematics is 1 + e^[pi(i)] = 0. It uses the five most important numbers. Some argue it is proof of God's existence.

    I wonder if playing e and pi at the same time would produce a nice harmonic pattern. Both numbers would likely have to be used in their base 12 forms.

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