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Topic: First large orchestra piece...

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    First large orchestra piece...

    How's everyone doin'?

    I tried something alittle different for you all to hear. I steered away from just the simple piano pieces that I have been writing and wrote something for a large orchestra.(Don't worry, I still snuck in a piano here and there).

    All GPO.


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    Re: First large orchestra piece...

    Here is how I picture this piece.
    I'm in a large room high ceiling and orchestra facing me.
    Midway alone the wall on the right hand side there is a large doorway and looking throught it I see a piano. The piano doesn't sneak into the piece because it is being played in that room and not this one.
    I think the doorway is wide enough to move the piano into this room so give it a try by bringing it into a more central place in the stereo image.



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    Re: First large orchestra piece...

    Should be fixed now.

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    Re: First large orchestra piece...

    I'm still getting File Not Found.
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    Re: First large orchestra piece...

    Quote Originally Posted by suspenlute
    I'm still getting File Not Found.
    Myself, as well.


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    Re: First large orchestra piece...

    Oops! I'm sorry. try again; it should work.

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    Re: First large orchestra piece...

    Wow--n3wman918--This piece is full of surprises. I had the volume cranked up since it was sounding soft and gentle, and I wanted to really catch everything--then BOOM, oh MY the full orchestra makes quite an entrance! Powerful.--but had to reach for the volume knob, and make a downwards adjustment.

    Really interesting moods coursing through the piece. The "rendering" is nice and full, big panorama,--and then there's the one thing which doesn't sound quite right. Ray pointed out, and I agree, that the piano sounds like it's being played in a room on down the hall from the stage. It's a matter of it having an extremely low volume as well as what sounds like mostly a wet signal.

    Perhaps you meant for that precise effect. But it would seem it's distracting at least Ray and myself from having a full appreciation of the music.

    Something I've noticed in doing my recordings. I'll have a huge dynamic range, from ppp to ffffffff, and it will turn out to be just TOo large a range for comfortable listening. People are forced to grab their volume knobs to crank it up and then down again--and that's not good. You can still manage to get quite a good contrast in volumes by narrowing the difference much more than you may think you can initially.

    But, I enjoyed this and found the orchestral emulation convincing. --I'll use the word "interesting" again--but I mean that in the true sense. This Was interesting. Thanks for sharing it!

    Randy B.

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    Re: First large orchestra piece...

    Didn't mind the piano placement - I undersatnd the concerns, but for me it gave a sense of isolation/loneliness. Don't know if that is what you intended with the piano solo. But, placement aside, this is very nice, and quite poignant in places.
    Is this going to be longer/more developed? I vote yes, as you have a lot of great material. I like what you have done, but do think there is fertile ground here for a larger piece.

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: First large orchestra piece...

    Thanks for the replys everyone. I apologize for the sudden change to ff as I forgot i was the only one who knew it was coming so i adjusted my volume before hand. But yes, I was trying to catch the listner off guard with a "question and reply" Type of technique and i will definetly try and develop this as I write more variations of the theme in different keys to keep it fresh.

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    Re: First large orchestra piece...

    I enjoyed the harmonies in the brass when they come in! Nice surprises - as Randy said. The melody is stuck in my head, now! Good work!


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