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Topic: Ignored by your Love

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    Ignored by your Love

    Good day everyone,
    This is another silly piece by me and it describes getting ignored by your desired love.

    -------> http://www.box.net/shared/zivhe78rvi <-------
    Reduced reverb version, but live-streaming:

    - Womans / domestic quarrel / Love & Antic / Being Ignored -
    or just
    - Extrovert Girl -

    Background Story:

    First i wanted call it simply - The ugly antic - ...but then i realized it is based on my actual own feelings. And what drives me, is the empty and very depressing feeling of getting ignored by a extrovert girl, that is to reproach you, hurts you, but never gives a chance to realize that you just miss her. Throws you back, being untouchable.
    You are getting mad and start doing songs like this

    Unlike life: It has a "good end" (i couldn't end the drama like this)

    Musical Info:
    A depressive and lovely mad piece with flutter flutes, pizzicato strings, etc...
    That is only to match with womans

    I think it would be funny to see that live-performed

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    Re: Ignored by your Love

    I enjoyed this piece. But - maybe because I'm the woman - I didn't find it depressing. I enjoyed the "bickering" dissonances. I thought the reverb was maybe too much? Which made the lines more smooth and not as aggressive? Maybe that is why I didn't hear this as argumentive as it could be? or maybe I'm just trying to start an argument?

    Seriously, I liked this and I think that you are getting good GPO sounds. And I'm sorry about your breakup but it makes for great music!


    Remember to Play www.thepunkduck.com

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    Re: Ignored by your Love

    Some very interesting color work in this, BM, and
    promising moments of melodic and thematic work
    and development. The layering of the materials is
    also interesting and quite effective in places.

    With Paula, I think I would consider reducing the
    reverb -- so that the articulation and phrasing of
    lines can be brought forth more clearly.

    My best,


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    Re: Ignored by your Love

    Thanks alot, both of you.
    I was happy to read something about "color" and "expression"
    Ok i will take another look at the reverb. Was not even finished with all instruments-locations. I think the flutes as example, are at the very same place as violins 1 or close into any other group.

    My only question at this time is:
    How can i make my MP3 files direct-listening ? No need to download them and direct playback in Quicktime player ? (as most of other pieces are)

    Everytime when i try to open any of my own files, it ask me to download it, but not automatically begins playing in QT player.

    Why ?

    @ Drumroll: You are a woman ? seems womans are different, and they feel in a different way - they laught about something that hurts a man. Probably that is, what makes you laugh about it
    But seriously: It HAS this funny touch in it. I know it well ...these are the "funny antics" - the nice moments in love

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    Re: Ignored by your Love

    Open a Soundclick account


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    Re: Ignored by your Love

    Quote Originally Posted by rayzalaf
    Open a Soundclick account

    I did that. Have to set my mp3-encoder to 44Khz and max 128Kbit...

    But anyways, found another way. Here it is - a new version with reduced reverb.

    (Unlucky you need pre-loading for a while !)

    Or here:

    Not sure if less reverb removed the magic of it, but it makes my music naked

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    Re: Ignored by your Love

    Hi, Buddhamaster

    This really does have a conversational tone to it, and I love some of the dialogues.

    I'm listening to the first post, because the more recent one which you said is streaming--isn't--it indicated I'd have to wait 4 minutes, but the "play" button on the Box site worked almost instantly, so--that was the better bet for that.

    Anyway, this means I'm hearing the one with the greater amount of reverb which people on the thread objected to. Yes--it has that "from the back row of a huge empty theatre" sound which not only blurs the music too much, but softens the intent of your composition, as Paula pointed out. The Pizz Bass also is way over-powering with this much reverb.

    BUT--returning to the good stuff--The piece Talks, and I'm quite taken with that texture. As was Paula, I was surprised to hear that it's not as angrily bickering as you described in your post. --Funny?--Hmm, there's humor in it, but I wouldn't say "funny." Maybe you're trying to not take your own composition too seriously?---That happens.


    Randy B.

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