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Topic: VSL Demos

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    VSL Demos

    I´ve tried to download the .fxp patches from the Vienna site and I can´t open with the gigastudio. The midi is easy to open with cubase, nuendo, sonar, etc. I can hear it in mp3 format and sounds great. Any tip?
    I´d very much appreciate that.

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    Re: VSL Demos

    Paulo-- the .fxp presets only work with VSL's on VI player. They will not work with Gigastudio.


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    Re: VSL Demos

    Thanks Jay!! Can I play my vsl samples of gigastudio using VI? Do I need to do any convertion? Is there any demo that I can download that give me some kind of clue about how to use the vsl patches on gigastudio, like for instance, cello perf legato p, & cello perf legato f, stacked on the same midi channel with diferent velocities or something like that? I´m using performance tools and I have the tutorial of it. The sound is ok, but it doesn´t reach the quality of the demos in the vsl site. I´m new on this stuff but I can learn fast. Thanks again for any tip about it.

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    Re: VSL Demos

    The VSL VI comes with it's own sounds depending on which package you buy. There are video tutorials on the VSL website that explain many of the features. There is no demo for download.


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