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Topic: Finale 2007c crashing when used with JABB

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    Finale 2007c crashing when used with JABB

    When I use JABB as a VST instrument within Finale 2007c I get frequent crashes, usually when using playback (many other people have also experienced this). The MakeMusic people seem to be mystified, but are looking into the problem.

    I have briefly tried using Garritan Studio to host the JABB sounds and so far so good - no crashes. However, all the special features of JABB (e.g. doits, fall-offs, growl-tones) sound like the actual sampled effects are not being used, but instead simulated by pitch bends and other MIDI effects. If I can get the sampled effects to work and Finale does not crash when using Garritan Studio hosting, this would be a good interim solution until a proper fix is made available by MakeMusic. These effects are produced by Human Playback by adding wavy lines, tremolo markings, etc. Does anyone know how can I get them to work properly when using Garritan Studio hosting? Also, is there any way to increase the volume of the doits and fall-offs? I have read that there is also a "kiss" effect. What sign in Finale triggers this?


    David Kear

    Cabot Music Productions, UK

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    Re: Finale 2007c crashing when used with JABB

    Go into your HP preferences and turn off whatever effects you don't want HP to add. Then with the midi tool, trigger the correct CC# to control doits, kisses, etc... This works the same whether you use Garritan Studio or JABB within Finale.

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