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Topic: Is FINALE 2007 working well for everybody now?

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    Is FINALE 2007 working well for everybody now?

    I followed the sticky thread re: “Finale 2007 and Garritan Libraries” on this forum and it looks like the last post was on 4/12/07 so I was just wondering if everyone is now happy with Finale 2007. The reason I ask is I just installed the GPO KP2 update and discovered that KP2 is not compatible with my Finale 2006 version (doesn’t recognize KP2 during the “Setup Wizard” phase so you have to reselect all of your GPO instruments all over again if you want to use KP2). I am a Windows XP user, own the full version of GPO and have been very happy with its use in Finale 2006 up until now when I discovered Finale 2006 would not recognize KP2 during the Setup Wizard phase.

    Then just yesterday I checked my mail and lo and behold, I received an offer from MakeMusic to upgrade to the new Finale 2007 which, it states, now includes the new Kontakt Player 2 and “there’s nothing to configure!” There seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel…until this morning when I happened to stumble across the “Finale 2007 and Garritan Libraries” thread and discovered that people were encountering problems not only with installation and operation, but with Finale 2007 and its updates making their systems crash.

    So my question (especially to Windows users who use the full version of GPO in Finale 2007) is have these kinks been worked out? Are your systems still crashing? Should I follow the pretty light or should I run…not walk, but RUN and not look back! …should I hide in the dark, but safe retreat of Finale 2006 and GPO/KP1 and wait until the inevitable, shimmering “Finale 2008” is at last unleashed and MakeMusic once again restores amends...?
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    Re: Is FINALE 2007 working well for everybody now?

    See my reply in the General Forums.
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