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Topic: Thanks to this Forum and the following:...

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    Thanks to this Forum and the following:...


    I'm just really happy about some things and wanted to say thank you.

    First of all to the Northern Sounds Source forum which is a great place to hang out and post.

    Then it is the people I've met through these forums, mainly, that have just acted great all the time around, and are real gentlemen!

    Like Gary Garritan for example. He is an example to how all support, users, developers, people should be! I mean, just brilliant!

    From the people who are around here.

    Frank and Bela D. Media. An awesmoe guy, and a great company with brilliant products, customer support beyond doubt (and the 25% for all students, with a normal license, which I'll never stop mentioning).

    Jason Windsor and Liz Harvey and NOTION. Great people, great product(s) and innovation to what they do.

    Niclas Fogwall, Mordatt and pianoteq. What a sound! I mean WHAT A SOUND! (blimey, really just download the trial, it's 8 Mb only.)

    Tim Smith and Westgate studios.

    Anthony Chou from Kong Audio

    And finally that small guy whose lurking this forum. Gregjazz. He is just awesmoe!

    I'm not sure I'm allowed to explain exactly why this post is here. But I just needed to say thanks to all of the above. All of you have been more than great and more than approachable and friendly guys. And it's more than that, as I had rather limited experience from sample developers and now I see that you can just talk to these people, who are regular people, who you can contact if you need something, and they will make ends meet. They just want to help us musicians grow and get better to what we do! This is just great! More than great!

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    Re: Thanks to this Forum and the following:...

    Very kind of you to mention myself and the company. Thank you, Nikolas.

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Thanks to this Forum and the following:...

    There are some excellent people that make us (end users) lives possible in this world of music.
    I would like to thank you too Nikolas for your comments on my stuff.

    Bela D, Spectrasonics Nine Volt Audio and everyone for the sounds and the help and advice given.



    And now also at Flickr!



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