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Topic: Looking for 88 Keys and a Mod Wheel

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    Smile Looking for 88 Keys and a Mod Wheel

    Hey guys, new to the forum (which has been a great help, by the way). Here's my situation:

    I'm writing a piano concerto, orchestrating with GPO (which I'm enjoying indeed) and I wanted to know if anyone knew of a good keyboard to use that has both weighted keys and a mod wheel (i want to be able to feel at home with the piano part, as well as be able to play the rest of the orchestra using the mod wheel).

    Does anyone have any suggestion for a good keyboard/piano? Obviously, the cheapest the best.

    Needs: weighted keys, mod wheel, 88 keys

    I dont need anything expensive with all sorts of effects or anything like that. Just those 88 weighted true blue piano keys and a mod wheel for the orchestra. As simple and basic as possible.
    Price range: 100-500 bucks.
    Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks

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    Re: Looking for 88 Keys and a Mod Wheel

    CME UF8. Aluminium case, 88 weighted keys, Mod Wheel, assignable faders and knobs, sustain pedal. Expression pedal and Breath Controller inputs... and IMHO it feels solid. I got mine for 440 € at www.dolphinmusic.co.uk.

    Hope it helps!

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    Re: Looking for 88 Keys and a Mod Wheel

    You might like to go to the local music store and play any of the newer Yamaha 88 weighted boards and anything else that catches your eye.

    I've got an S90 which is pretty old and I like it alot. It's still feels brand new and I play it a lot.

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    Smile Re: Looking for 88 Keys and a Mod Wheel

    Thanks so much, the CME UF88 looks great. Good price and good action - just what i need. Very very much appreciated
    ...now i just need to sell this Roland XP 60.

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    There's a great K/B by M-Audio called ProKeys 88. It's got decent sounds for the money, and it shines as a controller, comes with a sustain pedal. They also make a cheaper version, with the same weighted action, but no on-board sounds called the Keystation Pro 88.

    I picked up a ProKeys 88 on eBay brand new, but the box had been opened for $450. A steal!

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