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Topic: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

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    GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    I have now twice had Sonar projects become "corrupted' due to using GVI, meaning that GVI crashes on project load (and brings down Sonar with it).

    I can get the data back by loading in Sonar "safe mode" (hold down the shift button while loading), but usually I have to delete the GVI instances and readd them, meaning that I have to go through and manually reset all the tracks using them again (total pain in teh @$$).

    Has anyone else seen this problem? Any idea what is causing the corruption or how to avoid it? I can't tell if it is a GVI or Sonar problem, but once the project is corrupted it can't load in either Sonar 5 or Sonar 6 (except for 1 time when it loaded fine unexpectedly).

    Is this a memory issue? Does this happen when you load too many instruments into GVI?

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    Re: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    My first guess is that it's a memory problem. If the project is near capacity, opening the project later might crash if there are other processes that are already running and taking more memory than before.

    But that's just a guess...

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    Re: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    Never had a problem like that myself. Use Sonar v6.2.1 and gvi 3.54. I also recall upgrading Syncrosoft along the way from here:



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    Re: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    Is Synchrosoft the software that interfaces with the dongle?

    This might be the issue, as right before the project load causes the crash, I hear a USB device "bong" from the OS. I hear "doo-de!" and then crash.

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    Re: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    Yes, that's it. If you compare the versions, the one supplied with the GVI cd seems to be pretty old and the GVI updates didn't seem to update it.


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    Re: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    What is involved in updating it? Just download the License Control Center? It seems worth a shot.

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    Re: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    It was a few months ago but I'm pretty sure that's all there was to it. I originally hunted down the update location because the Tascam supplied version was incompatable with WinXP64. Looks like there's been a number of more recent updates so I'll probably need to do it again myself if I ever get around to trying out Vista.


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    Re: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    Well I tried that and no dice--the project still won't load. Oh well, I will save early and often.

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    Re: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    Oh, well. You might dig further into the memory angle as Jon suggests. The prime95 program is a favorite of the overclockers for qualifying memory. Also, if you use gs3 and ever ran the memory optimizer, try setting it back to default... I don't run gs3 and gvi (or any other ni or vsti stuff) on the same machine myself.


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    Re: GVI & Sonar--corrupt projects

    I've had the same problem. Seems to mostly happen on files produced a few months back and when trying to update the files and load Sonar the project crashes. I have just gone back to using Gigastudio 3.2 until the bugs get worked out.
    Also, I don't think it's a memory problem as I have a very fast system with lots of RamGood luck
    Gary Smith

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