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Topic: Melody deciphered in ‘Da Vinci Code’ chapel

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    Melody deciphered in ‘Da Vinci Code’ chapel

    In the famous Rosslyn Chapel, featured in "The Da Vinci Code"---cubes in the ceiling, deciphered as musical notes--Follow the link for the story, but be SUre to follow the article's link to the official site with more in-depth info on the genesis of this project. There's a video as well as an MP3 sample of the music.

    "Interesting" is far too mild a word. And it's very easy to predict this will be Highly controversial in the music world, as well in other arenas.


    Randy B.

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    Re: Melody deciphered in ‘Da Vinci Code’ chapel


    Why wouldn't apprentice masons practising their craft, not think of wierd and wonderful subjects to chisel.


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    Re: Melody deciphered in ‘Da Vinci Code’ chapel

    That is interesting!

    What the heck are they doing in that video?! That looks awesome!

    The whole thing seems like a puzzle from a Myst game. Whether or not Da Vinci intended to code music like that, it's a pretty darn cool interpretation in my opinion.
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    Re: Melody deciphered in ‘Da Vinci Code’ chapel

    I saw it on the local news yesterday, very interesting. They were playing the tune.

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    Re: Melody deciphered in ‘Da Vinci Code’ chapel

    Yes, Very interesting---Difficult to determine how much arranging of the music has been done by this guy. It has to be a monophonic line deciphered, and then fleshed out. It's what you would expect of the period--Gregorianish Medieval stuff. But the samples posted on the site make musical sense. There's no way it's random stuff that was forced into sounding musical.

    Let's make note, though, that DaVinci didn't have anything to do with building this chapel. The Knights Templar did.

    Follow this story!--What if the music leads to yet another mystery, as in maybe there's a code within the music which when deciphered leads to revealing more of the Templar secrets?! On the other hand, decorating the ceiling of a house of worship with a favorite tune is a fine idea that could easily be purely ornamental in its intent.

    Randy B.

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