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Topic: Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands - Influences

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    Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands - Influences

    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking for specific pieces of Classical music that were influential to Danny Elfman in creating the score for Edward Scissorhands.
    I know there is a Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" influence and quote.
    I'm looking for the influences for the Choral sounds that he uses, and any other. I need the titles and composers.
    This is for a research presentation - so please help.

    Thanks a million


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    Re: Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands - Influences

    Hi Andrew,

    This is probably not going to be as helpful as you hope but maybe I can help a bit. Being a big fan of the Soundtrack in question, I would be interested in your future findings.

    It seems that Elfman often uses Modal Harmonic procedures as well as Parrallel Motion. Two of the most recent classical composers (who are the most likely influences) to revive this primarily pre-baroque technique are Ralph Vaughn Williams and Carl Orff. Ultimately it stems from Debussy but he is certainly less pre-baroque sounding than the previous two. You could maybe check out, Debussy's La Cathedrale Engloutie or the Opening of Williams's London symphony. I am really not sure who Elfman was specifically listening to, but it seems as though he was definately in-tune with the Pan-diatonic, neo-gregorian, modal stuff. It is also a possibility that he was influenced by art music composers through the other films composers who themselves directly consulted the source of innovation.

    Good Luck

    Student in Electro-acoustics

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    Re: Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands - Influences

    It's difficult to speculate exactly what may have influenced a composer's style in the absence of any explanation on their part. I think the Edward Scissorhands style (and Batman II and some of the other early Elfman scores) sound remeniscient of the "Fish" movement in Saint-Saens' <i>Carnival of the Animals</i>, but who knows if that was an actual influence. Elfman himself cites Bernard Hermann as his main role model, so some listening there might not be amis.

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    Re: Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands - Influences

    Also be sure to check out the score for Pinocchio (original Disney animated version). Whether or not it was an "official" influence, they certainly have a similar sound.

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