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Topic: Pothais

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    done with kontakt and reaktor in cubase sx.
    apart from a wee bit of the percussion all the samples are gpo.
    it's very roughly based on a 16th century french chanson


    lo-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/strea...d=5299826&q=lo

    hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/strea...d=5299826&q=hi

    the lofi plays the whole piece at a reduced bitrate
    the hifi plays about two minutes of the piece at a higher bitrate

    anyways hope ye like it.
    as always all criticism and offers of free beer welcome

    mick ó c
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    Re: Pothais

    I have never listened to the work of Josjuin Des Pres but I like this piece.
    We need more percussion work in our forum.

    Thanks for posting this


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    Re: Pothais

    Hello, ailteoir

    My adventures in trying to hear your new piece:
    --couldn't make either posted link work
    --went directly to Soundclick and did a search for your user name
    --found your page with the long list of songs
    --"O Fortuna" was automatically playing while I was on your page
    --searched for "Pothrais" which isn't one of the pieces listed on your front page
    --finally found a link to "Pothrais" on the page where MP3s can be purchased
    --multiple tries to play the piece yielded the same "Error loading" message
    --on the same page, most, but not all other links loaded and played just fine


    I heard wonderful fragments of various things while trying Very hard to hear your new piece.

    All these problems could be due to the under-powered computer I have online, but am reporting in case it's helpful. Soundclick is handy but problematic at times.

    I really tried!

    Randy B.
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    Re: Pothais

    just checked the page out and indeed the piece had completely disappeared.
    i've renewed the file and edited the links in my post to suit, i hope.
    i'm sorry for all that inconvenience.
    don't know what happened at all at all.

    but thank you both for taking the time.


    mick ó c

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    Re: Pothais

    this was an awesome sounding piece. i loved the rhythmic aspects of it. i don't realy know what else to say though, so i'll leave it at very nicely done.
    -Keith Fuller

    iMac Quad i7 * MacBook Pro * Logic Studio 9 * WD 320GB & 1TB Externals@7,200RPM * Presonus Firebox * M-Audio Axiom 25 & Keystation 61 * Rode NT1-A * Epiphone Hollowbody * Fender Amp * KRK Rokit 8's

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    Re: Pothais

    The piece does, indeed, thicken as it goes.

    Mesmerizing, certainly. Second and third listening (the hi-fi version, by the way, which was more than the two minutes (4:52)) made it clear that the syncopations were definitely deliberate. Deliscious.

    It's also timeless. I could easily superimpose numerous melodic lines over this, or lyric. In point of fact, on the third hearing I had to still my head from the words.

    Thank you for sharing this very well done work!


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    Re: Pothais

    Nice work! This whole piece has a very unique sound - both the music and the your rendition sound very fresh and interesting.


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    Re: Pothais

    well thank you all for taking the time to listen and your appreciation.

    and joe it sounds like you know what "pothrais" actually means.
    maith thú a bhuachaill. it's just a shame i didn't spell it properly in the topic title.


    mick ó c

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    Re: Pothais


    Very unique and interesting piece!! Mesmerizing comes to mind (a good thing)
    This could be used as is or could be developed into something even more dynamic.

    How do you find SoundClick - I find their interface (getting around etc to be quite user UNfriendly for some reason) So what is your experience??

    Thanks for sharing! - Del
    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Thumbs up Re: Pothais

    I like it. Very interesing and unique music.
    Jun Yamamoto
    Tokyo, Japan

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