I'm having a peculiar glitch using GPO with Logic Pro 7. Well, actually two glitches. Whenever I load a previously saved multiple track piece and try to play it, I get repeated error messages:

message A : Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI
message B : System Overload. The audio engine was not able to process all the required data in time

Whenever message A shows, the piece continues to play but the cursor stops moving. When B happens, there's as big spike in the CPU meter and a clickypop, and the music stalls until I press 'continue.'

I've researched these messages on the Apple forum, and located two troubleshooting pages which address these as 'common problems.' I've followed whatever of the suggestions were relevant (had to change the sample rate to match my audio interface) but the behavior continues. For the most part, the help pages treat the problems as a dearth of system resources; but I doubt that's it in my case. See below. While I do have a lot of instruments loaded (48 on three KP 2's) so far I haven't tried to play more than 10 simultaneously.

Now, here's the wierd part. After I limp and lurch through the piece once or twice, hitting 'continue' whenever it stalls, the glitches seem to smooth out: the music plays normally thereafter, and the CPU meter registers no more than 15% max. That is, until I shut down Logic and reload the piece again--then the the whole buggy show starts over.

It's as if Logic needs to re-learn the piece every time it loads. While not a crippling problem it sure is annoying! Anybody out there with words of wisdom on this?

The rig: MacBook Pro with 2 Gigs of RAM
7200 rpm disc drive
Logic Pro 7.2.3
M-Audio Fastrack Pro audio interface