The thread about the Ballet being performed at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts brought back memories from several decades ago (even had working eyeballs back then ).

As a student at SJSU, I was a member of the choir that was part of the production of Verdi's Aida for the grand opening of the San Jose Community Theater (now known as the Center for the Performing Arts), and a couple of years before the arrival of George Cleve as the San Jose Symphony conductor. The building wasn't finished yet when the Opera opened, and among other things lacked any running water.

It was great fun going home on a bus at 12:30 A.M. in full theatrical make up. One night the elephant did its thing right in the center of the stage during the Triumphal March.

About six months after the Theater opened, due to its outstanding architectural engineering, the roof collapsed (fortunately no one was inside at the time). It had to be closed for almost a year, and then reopened as the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts. Ah, memories!!! Guess you could say we helped bring the house down, literally.