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Topic: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)

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    Thumbs up Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)

    I've been sitting on this news until I was completely sure it was actually happening.

    I have been commissioned to write a short symphonic work that will be performed at the Kennedy Center on the afternoon of July 8. The concert will include the DC Youth Orchestra with current members and alumni and is to honor the founder and music director Lyn McLain who recently retired. My work is being written as a dedication to him.

    I played for several years in the orchestra, and Mr. McLain was my personal chaperon when I attended the International Children's Music Festival in Sofia in 1980. He also allowed me to perform my first symphony with the orchestra earlier that year.

    The concert is FREE, but you must acquire tickets. I don't think they're available to the public quite yet, but it looks like the page to get them will be here: http://www.kennedycenter.com/calenda...nt&event=RHXCD

    Edit 5/18 -
    MP3 and score are now available here: http://allhands.com/dcyo/

    FREE tickets -- contact:
    Ava Spece
    Email: ava@dcyop.org
    Telephone: 202-723-1612
    Website address: www.dcyop.org
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    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Re: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)

    Congratulations, Jamie! A much deserved privilege, you got there. I always enjoy listening to your music, although I don't always get around to express it in the appropriate threads. Just a pity DC is so far away I hope you will post the work here for those of us, who won't be able to attend the concert.

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    Re: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)



    I have been listening to the GPO mockups of your music for some time now and have been consistantly impressed. You are certainly deserving. This is the best news I have had yet today.

    Wish that I could hear that concert.

    Again congrats.

    David Mauney

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    Re: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)


    Wow! That is very exciting news!

    What an honor to be commissioned for such an event at a world-class venue - the Kennedy Center. And truly well-deserved.

    It's really not too surprising given the level of musicianship you have shown over the years. You have shared with us some very extraordinary music. Just when we think we can't be any more impressed, you come out with new works that astounds us.

    Thanks for telling us the good news. I urge forum members in the DC area to attend.

    All the best for your continued success!


    Gary Garritan

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    Thumbs up Re: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)

    Congrats Jamie!! Hopefully some of the forum members will get to attend. The work you have already done is outstanding, i'm betting this will be an awesome tribute and a memorable event.

    Break a leg!

    *translation for those new to the English language:

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    Re: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)

    Congratulations, Jamie!! Well deserved. I/we know you will do a fantastic job with the commission.

    Great news!
    Ron Pearl





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    Talking Re: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)

    It's a moment to live for. My deepest, envious congratulations.

    tony h
    tony h
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    Re: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)

    What an honor Jamie!

    Congratulations on such a tremendous accomplishment and opportunity.


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    Re: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)

    Congratulations, Jamie!!

    The Kennedy Center is a little bit far away from Germany, smile. Hope we later can hear here a recording?

    I wish you much success with this concert!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: Premier at the Kennedy Center! (DCYO)

    Congratulations! That's great!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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