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Topic: Waltzes Op. 39 (no. 1)

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    Waltzes Op. 39 (no. 1)

    I was reading through the Op. 39 waltzes for four hands piano with my dad (a Brahms scholar) last night and decided to orchestrate at least the first one today in celebration of Brahms's birthday! He's 174 today (what geezer).

    If I get my act together, expect at least a few more in the future because I'm completely taken with these and I can't believe Brahms never orchestrated (it's not like Dvorak, you can't orchestrate a single four hands thing he did because he's already been there and done that! But eh, he'd do a better job anyway...).


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    Re: Waltzes Op. 39 (no. 1)

    Nicely done!

    I listened to the streaming version, and thought it was a fine realization. Now I'll have to listen more carefully to the downloaded mp3 file.

    What did your Dad have to say?

    Thank you for sharing this.


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    Re: Waltzes Op. 39 (no. 1)

    Really good work, Simon--How in heaven's name did you do this in one day?? I know it's brief, but you did a great job--It would've taken me a week to do that.

    Thank you Very much for this.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Waltzes Op. 39 (no. 1)

    Excellent work on this, Simon! The orchestration of it
    is first-rate... much enjoyed! Very, very well rendered,
    too, I must say.

    My best,


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    Re: Waltzes Op. 39 (no. 1)

    Hello again, Simon

    I'm finding previous posts that I've especially wanted to listen again, and this was one I especially sought out.

    I want more people to hear your work. Maybe they will when I respond and bring it back to the top!

    Randy B.

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