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Topic: My first orchestral piece

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    My first orchestral piece

    I am definitely a Learner Driver here!

    Here is my first orchestral piece of music.


    I have written this with Sonar and GPO using only a mouse (I don't yet have a keyboard!)

    The piece is called Promise of A King and tells of a message written to the Kings and rulers of the mid 19th Century, including Kaiser Wilhelm, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Czar Nikolas, Nazruddin Shah, Pope Pius IX and many other world leaders of the time.

    The message, which told that the world would end up going through calamities to achieve world peace unless the Kings all agreed to work together, was spurned.

    The piece is divided into four parts:

    0:00 Part 1 – The Great Announcement

    6:08 Part 2 – The Spurning
    – This scherzo(?) in 6/8 represents the flippant refusal of His message by the kings and rulers. They dance and since frivolously despite His warnings, bereft of the tragedy they are unleashing on mankind.
    7:23 Part 3 – Thus Ye Hath Chosen
    – The message is spurned and this demonstrates the lamentation that results, then replaced with determination – it starts with the world’s confusion and a sense of loss and then His theme comes through and reasserts itself, this time in initially in a 3/4 time signature and then in a 6/4.
    9:49 Part 4 – Advancing the Process
    The world realises after calamities that we must work together to build "the Kingdom of God on Earth", building from some staccato cello and pizzicato violas and then violins and symbolizes the intensification of the process of building a new world. It finishes with a hint of a tribute to Strauss’ Thus Spake Zarathustra, (The theme from 2001 – A Space Odyssey), symbolising the unity of man and the Kingdom of God.

    I hope you like it, but more importantly I would be grateful for any comments that will help me to learn.


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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    GREAT writing. And great use of GPO.

    I love all these melodies (esp the Scherzo - which had my feet tapping)

    I would suggest something that often goes overlooked when using sample libraries: Let your players breathe. There is nary a breath in the first 2 minutes for that flute player. (Gorgeous melodic writing, BTW).

    Just keep in mind that realism is acheived in GPO partly in pretending you are those players. How much breath do YOU need to sing a passage? Chances are, that will be close to what is needed for the players. There is hardly ever a constant dynamic in any piece of music - that constantly changing dynamic is what gives music its breath and life. Just food for thought.

    Great job!

    Jerry Wickham
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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    sufferin' suuccotash, what can i say this is a great piece of writing, i really liked that opening melody, haunting.

    mick ó c

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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    Alan -

    Wonderful achievement on your first GPO project! Great job!

    From a compositional point of view. . . very nice writing! I enjoyed the listen from beginning to end.

    From a sequencing point of view. . . Overall, Alan, nice job! I know a number of people who input their notes via mouse (without the use of a keyboard). I admire the patience required to do this!! I can only imagine that it is a lot of work! Whether the note are sequenced using a keyboard or by mouse, the potential of creating a well rendered piece always exist. I just prefer a keyboard for my sequencing projects. To be honest, I don't have the patience for "one note at a time" input using a mouse. LOL! I second Jerry's suggestions of allowing the melody to "breath" inbetween musical phrases. I am guilty of this as well (even with the use of a keyboard). Maybe you can shorten some of the longer notes at the end of the phrases to achieve this??

    Again. . . nice job on your first GPO project! Looking forward to hearing more of your work!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    I liked your piece. It is indeed a very ambitious project. The melodies are beautiful. You mention the 19th century, but to me those melodies sound to be reffering to a much earlier time. I have to agree with Jerry on the breathing issue As a flautist I can mention especially the flute solo, although not impossible in the least, it will be extremely tiring to play.

    Great piece
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Senior Member rayzalaf's Avatar
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    Re: My first orchestral piece


    Just because you're new to this forum, doesn't make you a learner driver, far from it.
    Big project, well presented both in explanation and recording.
    You are an asset to this group already.
    I hope you stick around and let us hear everything you produce.

    Just a little point. the full string patch I think you used early in the piece seemed to be a little flat. perhaps it was your intention to add a little sadness in the sound.

    anyway great opening, thanks a lot

    My Best


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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    Hello, Alan--Warm welcomes to you, fellow music lover!

    What a tremendous treat this is, for you to arrive with this wonderful, ambitious and fully realized piece ready to share with us here.

    What a concept, the story behind your composition! And what a confident, thoughtful creation has emerged from it! I admire this so much, Alan. I embrace this music.

    What a great time you'll have when you add a MIDI keyboard to your set up--Sounds like perhaps you're wanting to do that? I have the feeling you're the type of musician who will find it a liberating experience. You've already succeeded so well with the laborious hand-insertion process. Eventually I'm picturing you combining both methods to realize your music--Play, edit, insert, play, edit some more and so on, riding the crest of joy you plainly have for your music.

    The others on the thread have already given you the very helpful advice to keep in mind that you're creating an emulation of a group of musicians playing acoustic instruments--So we can't squeeze all the air out of our woodwind players!

    A simple, effective routine I have for making sure that parts requiring breath are possible in the "Real World": In the Piano Roll View of Sonar you get instant visual feedback of the notes, which I'm sure you already know. I look at each woodwind and brass part and easily get a feel for how long the player would be able to go without at least a brief break for taking a breath. The breaks will fall at places where I don't really want a break in the music, but that's taken care of when strings double the woods, for instance, and by having different virtual-players taking their breaths at different times. But the point is, seeing the passages visually can really make it clear when I've had a player go impossibly long. And by making sure I do that kind of editing, a subtle touch of naturalism is added to the finished results.

    A fun thing about the Garritan JABB library, is that human breathing sounds are included for inserting during breaks--very useful when putting together pieces with small ensembles, when the breathing of musicians would be heard in a live situation.

    Also be sure to pay attention to the details of your controller #1 usage. With an almost constantly rising and falling of the volume (with attendant timbre change), even in subtle amounts, one instantly gets an even more life-like feel in the playback.

    This is great, Alan. I'm sure glad you've joined in here and given us such wonderful music to listen to. More power to you!

    Randy B.

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    Senior Member rpearl's Avatar
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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    Welcome - great post! (We'd say welcome, even if it was lousy...). Really liked the first section - very nice build and pace. Honestly, the Scherzo didn't do it for me - but others like it, so please ignore! I guess I expected it to be more sardonic and biting; perhaps another listen will change my mind...

    I can't imagine all the work this took, using a mouse. I know others hear do the same, and I am amazed that they stillhave wrists that work! Get a keyboard! Save yourself! And do keep posting - my reservation aside, I really liked this.

    Thanks for sharing, and again welcome to our little world!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: My first orchestral piece


    Promise of A King! Your title aptly suggests the majestic quality of this composition; a beautiful tone-poem beautifully realized.

    My only suggestion is that you consider creating a new MP3 of the piece at a slightly lower input level. I hear some distortion on some of the loud passages.

    I look forward to hearing more of your work.


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    Re: My first orchestral piece

    Very nice work, Alan!

    Posting an arrangement for first time can be a bit unnerving.. And quite an ambitious arrangement at that!

    ..must have taken considerable time to complete, especially with only a mouse.

    The melodies were charming, but I would agree with Louis on the era.. The musical form seems an earlier influence than 19th century.

    Still, I enjoyed the unity throughout... Great use of instrument layering.

    I'm also impressed with the rendering(recording) quality... very well done.

    Great work!... and welcome aboard!


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