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Topic: JABB and Kontakt 2 Player (Finale)

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    JABB and Kontakt 2 Player (Finale)

    I seemed to get the Stradivarius 2.0 GPO and Finale GPO all showing up in the new Kontakt Player release. Not sure yet whether this combination will be prone to crashing in Finale.

    My question is how soon will JABB be converted for Kontakt 2 Player?

    Given that I have the full version of Kontakt and the player I suppose Nirvana would be having all these different sample libraires functioning in Kontakt 2 Full. But I guess licensing and technical problems to preclude this. Maybe by the time Finale 2008 comes out the situation will have settled down a bit.

    Thanks for any comment
    Simon Rodwell

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    Re: JABB and Kontakt 2 Player (Finale)

    You can use all your Garritan libraries in Kontakt 2 today, if you like. It is a bit more tricky to get Human Playback to play along, but it is doable.

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