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Topic: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

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    "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    EDIT: There's been confusion because of my overly long post.

    Link to the new vocal demo:


    And here's the second half alone, Dorian's song:


    BUt PLease, I hope the below is read so you'll understand what it is I'm posting. Thanks. RB
    Later today, Wed. May 9th, I am giving a presentation to our local community theatre's board of directors. I'm there to propose that they produce my original musical "Dorian - The Remarkable Mr. Gray" during the up-coming 2008 season. It would be the premiere production of a piece I've worked on steadily for a number of years now.

    Here in the Listening Room, I've been posting the numbers from the show sequentially, and it's been of enormous benefit to me to be getting the encouraging feedback from our Garritan family of composers and musicians.

    As a way of generating more positive energy before going to the proposal meeting, I'm posting more from my show.

    I wanted to go on to the next section of the musical which follows what I've previously posted, but it's an episodic pastiche of underscoring and brief reprises which needs to be presented more in context of what preceded it.

    So, ONLY FOR YOUR EARS, FELLOW LISTENING ROOM INHABITANTS - I've recorded another vocal demo of the show, with me singing, and did it specifically and exclusively for posting here. It's what needs to be heard first, before the above mentioned reprise section which I'll post later.

    Mark Petruzzi did a very nice job on the last "Dorian" piece I posted--But I don't have any other committed singers yet, so I just decided to sing something myself--despite the fact that I am Not a singing performer. I can carry a tune and give you at least Some idea of what it should sound like--but a Dorian I am not.

    Picture the old scenario of a musical's composer sitting and squawking out his tunes for the producer to hear.

    Awhile back I posted the instrumental tracks for a medley. Here's that Windows Media Audio file link again:


    The first half is Henry talking to Dorian who is sitting for his portrait. At 2:59 in that file, the music segues to a transitional passage and then finally into a big solo for Dorian.

    It's one of Dorian's major moments in the show. An inner monologue which is shared with the audience, expressing his discontent with life.

    Notice that the first word is "Wait"--mirroring how Basil's song started. Then, if you're familiar with the other pieces I've posted, you may recognize that the opening part of Dorian's song is a re-working of what Henry has just sung, and is also related to a passage from Basil's song. One more thing to notice, the very ending of this passage is a reprise of one of the themes in "Prelude," the first thing from the show I posted.

    Please--relieve yourself of feeling you need to say kind words about my singing. It's adequate. What I'm wanting to share here is this central song to my show--I wish I had a power house theatre singer to perform it for you--I shall later.

    For now--There's what you may have heard instrumentally on the earlier post, but now with the melody line and lyrics.

    Randy B.
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    Senior Member rayzalaf's Avatar
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    Re: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    Good Luck my friend,

    You deserve all the success in the world.

    My Best


    (yes I have listened, it's looping now)

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    Re: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    That is remarkable, Brother Bowser! This takes a special kind of talent and you certainly possess it. Very nice.

    Thanks for sharing your fine music with us.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    Beautiful! Even the Backing tracks...
    Looking forward to the completed with vocal!


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    Re: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    Thanks for the replies, guys!

    LHong--I think I may have confused you, pardon me. Your reply makes it seem you may have only noticed my link to the instrumental and not the vocal---? Because you said you were looking forward to the vocal.

    Well, I posted the instrumental backing tracks some time ago on this Forum, and included that same link on this thread just for reference. At the time, people said they'd like to hear it with vocals, as it's intended, so today I posted the new vocal demo which I recorded ONLY for sharing here at the Forum. That link with the vocal is:


    My point is--the vocal demo (for now at least) already exists--there it is.

    Randy B.

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    Senior Member LHong's Avatar
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    Re: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    Sounds Cool! Randy
    I was listening to "development-inbetween.wma" (not the mp3).
    I thought that they were the same!

    I like it very much with the vocal. I'll listen more...


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    Re: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    Randy - Nice job! The melody and the supporting orchestration/arrangement seems "married" to the lyrics. It satisfies my tastes in musical theater.

    How did your presentation go? It's now May 10th. Any idea to when the committee will give you an answer to your request for production for the 2008 season?? I hope they do!

    Warm wishes to you and to the success of this musical!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    Hello, Long---Good, I could see you must've over-looked the primary link I was posting. I edited my original post and put the the link right on top before my long-winded message about the show and the song. Glad you like the song!

    Ted--I certainly remember how much you enjoyed the other vocal demo I posted. I appreciate your enthusiasm, and that you investigated this new post.

    And in reference to my presentation last night you asked:

    "...How did your presentation go? It's now May 10th. Any idea to when the committee will give you an answer to your request for production for the 2008 season??..."

    It went very well. The board will select either one, two, or three of the five musicals proposed last night. The others are "Guys and Dolls," "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," "Urine Town," and "Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde."===I certainly hope they don't chose that last one, because then it would be impossible for my "Dorian" to be done at that theatre for many years--too similar in theme.

    I did my darndest to get them excited about doing the show, and they all seemed very attentive, friendly, encouraging and open to the idea.

    Multiple factors are involved in the selection process rather than just judging the merits of a particular show. They do 8 shows a year--usually 2 of which are musicals. They need to put together a well-balanced season, they need to make sure large cast shows aren't in slots next to other large cast shows, they need to formulate opinions about how well each show would sell--and there's more to the formula.

    Realistically, at best I have maybe a 25% chance of the show being picked up there.

    They won't make their decision until anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks. SO--I sit and wait.

    Thanks for your interest, everyone!

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    Randy, you just knocked me out -- again! The writing
    in this is nothing short of incandescent...

    And while I may be a barbarian on matters of the musical
    stage; once again, I had this up on the JBL's when my
    wife Catherine came in... she's both trained in this area
    and a frequent visitor to Broadway performances. Her
    opinion really counts -- and she's rapidly becoming one of
    your most ardent devotees.

    Keep it coming, my friend: Every excerpt is a new
    pleasure for me!

    All my best,


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    Re: "Dorian Gray" - a new vocal demo

    Best of luck to you, Randy, I truly hope the board chooses to produce your musical!

    Like the other material you've posted from the musical, this is instantly engaging! Great orchestration and beautiful melodies throughout. Great work, this is very inspiring!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
    My MP3s | My Melody Generator | my album
    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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