My internet access system started to intermittently drop bits so I purchased a new system (an Everex XT5000T) and purchased Windows XP since I don't wish to be an early adopter of Vista. I'd like to use my current DAW for internet access and the new system for my DAW. However...

The Everex has many nice qualities but it does not use the TI chipset for its firewire implementation and it has an Express Card instead of a PCMCIA card adapter. So my Echo PC Card won't dock and a firewire unit is likely to be problematic. I could just use the Everex for internet access but it seems a shame not to use the faster system with more RAM for my DAW.

Here is a link to a description of the system:

I poked around a bit and found a PCMCIA TO Express Card adapter that is claimed to work with audio cards. But it has apparently just recently come out and I cannot find any reviews or user experiences with respect to it.

Here's a link to a description of the adapter:

Has anyone had an experience with this adapter?

Perhaps someone will come out with an audio Express Card before my internet system checks out.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the situation.



PS: Thursday is a bit busy. I won't be able to check in till late evening.