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Topic: Sample Looping Question

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    Sample Looping Question

    This has been bothering me for some time now, and you usually don't notice it until you try to make your own samples. What I'm wondering is, I've noticed that some samples have stuff after the looping portion, is that part ever played while sequencing?
    That is, given a sample we have for points A, B, C, D (in that order from sample start to end while none of them overlap each other) if There's a loop segment from B to C, would C to D ever be played? If yes? How would one trigger. I just think that this would be useful for crescendo percussion with releases attached to the end of the sample.


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    Re: Sample Looping Question

    It seems to me and in my experience the end section is the release sample and is always played after key up.

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    Re: Sample Looping Question

    Oh is that it?
    I don't really know how to test this.

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