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Topic: 9volt customer service=A++

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    9volt customer service=A++

    I just wanted everyone to know that I just received Textural Rex by Nine Volt Audio. The loops are great, quality is great, very flexible stuff. My wife told me that ther was some kind of mix-up with the shipping. The first time was her fault in providing an old address. The second time was an issue with our Post Office. But Kyle didn't stop there....Oh no ......he sent a third copy to make sure I received his product on my birthday. Talk about service. Thanks man! I am totally diggin' the loops. I own every product you have, and you can count on me as a future customer.


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    Re: 9volt customer service=A++

    i can absolutely second that!!!!

    i bought all 3 libs in a very haphazard way and still ended up having them through download as well as getting the DVDs very quickly in 2 different shippings. free shippings at that!!!

    great service!
    i will buy more. that is for sure.

    i am still waiting over 3 weeks for a replacement DVD from EastWest Sounds for a reason refill pack that came damaged in a broken DVD case. 3 weeks!
    HORRIBLE service! i had already sworn off ever buying online from them but i bought from WestLA without knowing that EW was the distributor.

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    Re: 9volt customer service=A++

    I can also second or would that be third that! kyle is a fabulous guy and if only there were more people like him in the world..

    I still have to get the new title, but I will......

    Kyle and NineVolt Audio

    And now also at Flickr!



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    Re: 9volt customer service=A++

    I absolutely agree. Also the mood of his partecipation on this forum doesn't look like a sound producer advertising his products. Very kind person

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    Wink Re: 9volt customer service=A++

    I can't even begin to fully describe my appreciation for Kyle and for everything that he has done for individuals in the music community in general. It goes far beyond serving his own interests.

    I watch a lot of PBS, Discovery, History Channel & Animal Planet. Kyle's work is showing up with ever increasing frequency in all of these station's broadcast content, and for good reason.

    When it comes to the creation and development of what are highly intuitive and usable products, Kyle "gets it!"

    He is first class guy to say the least!

    Go Kyle!!!!

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