It's hard to miss the fact that the Garritan forum has grown tremendously over the last few years. One of the most enjoyable consequences of this rapid growth is that we have a great many people posting music in the Listening Room on the forum. Sometimes the sheer number of musical posts in a given day is remarkable. It's the nature of the construction of the forum that newer posts move older posts down the page. Get enough posts in a brief amount of time and a fresh post can end up quickly moved to page 2. Unfortunately, page 2 doesn't catch the eye as easily as page 1 and fewer people listen to the music that has moved beyond page 1. This can, of course, also reduce the opportunity for comments made about the music. Some of this is unavoidable with heavy traffic but it can be made worse if a single individual posts a series of closely-spaced threads. Which brings us to the subject at hand: In the interest of fairness to everyone we will need to institute some rules concerning multiple posts by any given individual.

Obviously, if an individual posts several closely-spaced threads it can accelerate the speed with which other posts move to the second page. As much as we appreciate the enthusiasm of frequent posters, we must also take into consideration the needs of those who are not so prolific. Members have been asked privately to be considerate and avoid multiple posts. Most have honored that request. There have been exceptions though. So, . . .

Starting now, we ask forum members to please follow these rules:

1. Check, before posting in the Listening Room, to see if you have any other posts on page 1. If you already have a post on page 1 we ask that you wait until this post has moved to page 2 before posting an additional thread.
2. Post only one music thread at a time.
3. Limit your total number of mp3 posts to 2 or 3 per week.

Otherwise, we see no alternative but to start removing closely-spaced posts to free up room on page 1 for others. We really don't want to do that and it shouldn't be necessary if everyone just takes into account the feelings of other people on the forum who are trying to get a hearing for their music. Observing the above rules should give forum members ample space for their music while not infringing upon others.

In any case, we don't want to discourage the posting of music we just want to ensure that everyone gets an equal shot at being heard and receiving comments on page 1 of the Listening Room. We appreciate your cooperation in this and hope that we do not find the need to intervene in the future.