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Topic: Anyone using Overture 4 on a Mac?

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    Anyone using Overture 4 on a Mac?

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondered if any of you are using Overture 4 on a Mac? If so, is it stable? Does it have all the features that the PC version has?

    I dropped by the GenieSoft site and noticed that Don has done away with the forum. Did I just miss it or is this true? Sometimes I miss things since I have to work on a very large monitor with the type magnified to about an inch high.

    I am eager to get started back using all the music toys that Gary has to offer now, but I really don't need any hassles and frustrations along the way.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best to all,


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    Re: Anyone using Overture 4 on a Mac?


    I just found the forum. But I would still like to know from any of you all about the performance.



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    Re: Anyone using Overture 4 on a Mac?


    I downloaded the demo - so I'm a tiny bit ahead of you. But at the present, it doesn't support VST hosting, one of the BIG selling points. When they get that straightened out/implemented, I'll give it a try. Until then...
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Anyone using Overture 4 on a Mac?


    I'm using it. It's getting there all the time and Don is constantly working on it. It has gone a major leap ahead from how it was when the first version was released for private beta testing, which isn't so long time ago.

    There are of course some issues in it and like said before, it's still missing VST hosting, but it's possible to play the score to external midi ports so you can open any host program with VST/AU-instruments and route Overture's output there.

    It also has a backup feature which works completely in the background and you can set it to back up your work every minute, so if there are some problems, you can recover your work.

    Try the demo and you'll see for yourself. I think it's a great program and the mac version is already a pleasure to use.

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    Re: Anyone using Overture 4 on a Mac?

    If you'd get a PC, Karl, you'd get a finished version with all the VST hosting you could want

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    Re: Anyone using Overture 4 on a Mac?

    Thanks everyone. I download the demo, but as yet have not had a chance to try it.

    Hi Jim, If you'd get a Mac, you could use DP. You've no idea the pleasures that would befall you.


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