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Topic: Room Treatment

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    Gary and I were catching up yesterday, and I mentioned that I was working on acoustic treatments in my studio. I have seen a few posts about this here, but thought I'd share some of my experiences, and resources.

    I converted one bay in my garage to a "studio" last year. The idea wasn't to soundproof it (it's nearly detached from the rest of the house, so no one would hear me unless I really pumped it up), but to avoid having to buy another house to get one extra room (my wife and I competing for the home office wasn't working out ). So, I opted to leave my car in the rain (of course, this was the year where we had multiple snow storms) and have a dedicated room to make music in.

    Just because it wasn't soundproofed didn't mean that it sounded good. I put off treating the acoustics in the room for a few months (other things happening in life, wanting to make some music like my contribution to the Garritan Christmas CD, etc.).

    I have a few friends who utilize the Electronic Musicians Acoustics forum for education.

    That community is pretty darn open about helping people (not unlike this one), and there are lots of resources available - from a wonderful FAQ by Ethan Winer, to answers to one off implementation questions. Questions like "If I cover all my walls with Auralex will it sound like the Power Station" are not uncommon, and people (if they invest the time to learn) generally come out with better sounding rooms.

    I am acoustifying my room in stages, and blogging it on my Live Spaces site... So I thought I'd point you there, and to a few interesting links.

    My first weekend bore good results. I built corner traps in three of the four vertical corners (you could build them on the ceiling corners as well). The low end buildup in the room is MUCH more controlled.

    This weekend I'm finishing the fourth corner, starting on the early reflections, and then moving on to the ceiling "cloud" treatment.

    One thing I've learned is that the initial construciton plan is EXTREMELY important. There were some fixtures that I couldn't compensate for, and a little planning before building would have helped. A few tradeoffs would have been easier made earlier (i.e., the carpeted floor would never have happened - I would have used some type of wood/vinyl flooring and a couple area rugs), etc. Again, all the guidance was in the FAQ - if only I had known before I started. I also blogged about this last weekend.

    Ethan's FAQ: http://www.ethanwiner.com/acoustics.html
    Acoustics Forum: http://forums.musicplayer.com/ubbthr...tlist/Board/24
    My Blog: http://patazz.spaces.live.com
    My site: http://www.patazzarello.com

    Pat Azzarello

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    Re: Room Treatment

    I used almost exclusively ethan's ideas and it saved me lots of money and made my otherwise crappy room quite acceptable Not perfect for sure, but not crazy - and it looks WAY better than Auralex - I'll never give Auralex money

    Also - all of the really expensive construction products (ie resilient channel, fiber board etc) are really generic construction products you can buy very cheap at a construction supply. The one thing I've not figured out yet is the black sound block - but I'm sure if I tried hard I could figure that out too


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    Re: Room Treatment

    Pat, thanks for an interesting post. I also found your blog and photos interesing. Please keep posting and blogging.

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    Re: Room Treatment

    Very interesting thread! I've been constructing a studio in our music store since last November. One huge problem was sound and vibration through the ceiling. What a challenge but it is solved! Well, got a lesson to teach have to go!
    Your site is very helpful.

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