Did this nearly a decade ago. All hardware; Roland M-OC1, M-SE1, D-110, a Korg P3 piano module. Outboard rack processors...an old Peavy "Univerb." if I recall. Might have had the JV-880 with "Session" board by then, too.

Context; loading screen and introduction music for a friend's planned total-conversion plug-in for the shareware game Escape Velocity Nova. (http://www.ambrosiasw.com/games/evn/)

His suggestion was something like a certain moment in John William's incidentals to "Return of the Jedi" (specifically, Luke walking the gangplank for Jabba the Hutt), and the original Nova music track was (perhaps unsurprisingly) "Mars" from the well-known Gustav Holst suite.

Once I'd stolen from those sources I just went ahead and cribbed from Goldsmith and Barry, too. But in a simplistic and obvious way, of course!

Still, for all the flaws musically, performance-wise, and sonically the thing I'm most ashamed of is how few pieces of this length I've done since...