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Topic: Guitar/Keyboard musicians - paying gig $

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    Cool Guitar/Keyboard musicians - paying gig $

    Guys, I've got a great paying gig for those interested. I'm not sure where to post this, so please, admins, move the thread if I posted it in the wrong place, I can’t find where else on the forums to post this, as it’s been a while, sorry folks. Hopefully a decent paying gig will be worth the intrusion.

    I need real guitar and keyboard reinforcement (recorded performance) for an online game coming up that requires all cover pop tunes. Pays $100 per song, all I need is the acoustic/electric guitar and keyboard (maybe bass) parts. For the latter two, samples are cool, but they have to be re-performed (not just GM files plugged in) and I'm trying to make this as realistic as realistically possible. I'll supply the actual songs they pick, and send you MP3’s, wavs, stems, even general midi, or whatever you need, so you can just spring board right off of those parts.

    Client is creating a sort of karaoke style game so this is the thrust and scope of the project. They want hundreds, correct - hundreds - of songs.

    I'm using all the libraries here as well, EWQL and the full Vienna Orchestra (yep, all of it) etc, but I'm too slammed. Bummer is, I *am* a guitar and keyboard player too, but as I said, I’m way too slammed with other projects.

    Just play along with and record your ax and keys with the songs they dredge up and then FTP them to my server, and you're done. PM me if interested.

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    Re: Guitar/Keyboard musicians - paying gig $

    Your inbox is full. I think I'm perfectly qualified for the gig- just make a way to get in touch

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    Re: Guitar/Keyboard musicians - paying gig $

    I do a lot of session guitar work here in L.A. and I have a good recording setup. I'd be very interested in working with you. I could also handle the Bass parts.

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    Re: Guitar/Keyboard musicians - paying gig $


    Tell me more, I compose and record whatever you need
    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Thumbs up Re: Guitar/Keyboard musicians - paying gig $

    Also wanted, assistant to empty PM box. Heheh. Just kidding.

    Going through all the stuff and am emptying the inbox now. Sorry 'bout that folks.

    Forgot to mention, the format is simply verse/chorus/end, all under 90 seconds MAX. So the pain (oh the pain) of doing covers in this format just got a little less severe. Not too bad huh?

    I'll run the tracks through my SSL, 480L's, 224XL's, M300's, H8000's, LA2A's , 1176's, Pulteq's etc... here whilst the client's hand is so far up my a... ooops ... I mean back, that it might even be a bit cool <sigh>. So at any rate you guys won't have to deal with that. Woot.

    I'll get back to everyone by end of week either way. Thanks so much for the replies.

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    Re: Guitar/Keyboard musicians - paying gig $

    What does "woot" mean anyway?

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    Re: Guitar/Keyboard musicians - paying gig $

    I'd be interested in giving this a shot and helping out.
    I can do ac. / elec. gtrs, keys and bass in my own studio.
    Do you have a first list of the tunes ?

    Thanks for throwing this out to everyone.


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    Re: Guitar/Keyboard musicians - paying gig $

    Sounds like a big joke.
    Sorry 1. April is over!

    :-) Jovan
    the man with the blue guitar

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