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Topic: Overture SE notation--lyrics?

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    Overture SE notation--lyrics?

    Here's an unanswered question I posted in the Technical Support Forum for GPO--maybe it will help to post the question here:

    When I first installed GPO in 2005, I included the Overture program that was on the extras disc. But I've never had need to use it, since I usually am not concerned with making notation versions of my projects. I use the Staff View in Sonar for simple print outs as needed.

    But I have peeked at Overture a few times, and can see that it could produce some nice looking work.

    I'll be needing to print out vocal scores, just the melody line and lyrics, and MIDI files for that purpose are all ready.

    But it looks like this light version of Overture doesn't include the abilitiy to handle lyrics. In the program's Help file it says to see their site for upgrades.

    Looking through the site, I can't find the information I need--except that apparently the cross-grade style of upgrade one needs to do from SE would cost $200--? And I Suppose that version handles lyrics.

    So--any information on the above? I wouldn't want to be upgrading with the layout of $200 just to have lyrics--I can live with the simpler print outs available to me now through Sonar.


    Randy B.

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    Re: Overture SE notation--lyrics?

    Hi Randy - maybe no-one replied because we're a bit baffled... . Do you mean by this that the Sonar lyrics capability is inadequate for this purpose ? I've always had pretty good results from it (although as far as I can tell it won't do multiple verses underneath one another). Is there something you're hoping that Overture will do that Sonar won't ?
    All the best -

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    Re: Overture SE notation--lyrics?

    Hello, Viv--Thanks for the reply.

    The print outs I get from Sonar are just fine, actually. I just thought perhaps Overture could produce some prettier looking print outs (visual aesthetics are always nice to have) and I wanted to see if it was perhaps able to make better use of space. To make vocal scores readable enough in Sonar, I have to increase the font size so much, play with the layout etc, that it's amazing how many pages one song can take up.

    So, I was hoping there was an easy way to see how Overture would do with lyric sheets. I'm still not clear if there's an affordable upgrade or crossgrade that would add lyrics.

    But, as you're suggesting, I'll probably just produce the vocal scores with Sonar and call it good.

    Thanks again.

    Randy B.

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