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Topic: Wasada 4

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    Wasada 4

    Well, Wasada seems to have grown a new movement. I intend for it to suggest something mildly primitive, perhaps not even from this planet.

    Wasada 4

    GPO Steinway, of course.


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    Re: Wasada 4

    Good morning, Richard

    I let your text set the tone before I pushed "play." I prepared myself for "...something mildly primitive, perhaps not even from this planet."

    And so that's what I heard, and my active imagination easily had me stepping into an alien landscape where the terrain was definitely supporting life forms--if I could only manage to recognize their unfamiliar shapes as "life."

    I've decided there's something in those ancient Redwoods, transmitting some rather potent messages to you.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Wasada 4

    I imagined aliens visiting earth, moving among us undetectable. They have their fill of human society and make a hasty departure.


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    Re: Wasada 4

    The ongoing saga... lol -- pleased to hear Wasada has grown
    an additional appendage, so to speak.

    It seems to be a trend, er, growing out of this thread that
    there's something in this piece that evokes the emergence of
    life forms from an unfamiliar terrain... to which I concur.
    Darned interesting, and slightly unsettling, effect, I must say!

    Richard, a technical note -- and I'm not sure if this would
    help, hurt, or be completely irrelevant: on some of the very
    low work, I wonder if a bit of fiddling with articulation might
    lend a little more clarity to it... to my ear, it seems to ask
    for that.

    My best,


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