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Topic: Kurzweil PC1SE for controller?

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    Kurzweil PC1SE for controller?

    I really want a 76 key weighted controller since my Yorkville workstation can only accomodate 76 keys and not 88. It appears that the Kurzweil is the only one of its kind currently made. I know CME is coming out with the ZSC line but honestly I haven't been that impressed with their stuff. I've played on a PC1X which I'm assuming is the same weighted action.

    Can anyone recommend this? If not why?


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    Re: Kurzweil PC1SE for controller?

    Hey Dave,

    I don't have much experience with the SE, but I own the 88 key PC1X and I really like it - great feel for piano and strings, pads, etc. The sounds are not that impressive as compared to what you can purchase in soft samples, but for a controller I could not do without it.

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    Re: Kurzweil PC1SE for controller?

    thanks Mike! I spent some time in my local music store today and played both PC1SE and Roland RD300SX which also has superb action. My sense is that the PC1SE has slightly lighter action that would address all types of instruments. the RD is primarily a stage piano with less controller options and that STUPID paddle instead of a proper mod wheel and pitch wheel. That hurts its chances. also, I did use one a few years ago to control my Mac Mini and found that the action was a might too sluggish for non-piano instruments. I was ripping through scales and pieces on the Kurzweil today though and found no finger fatigue at all when doing so. I'll probably go with the Kurzweil- TOMORROW!


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