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Topic: GPO full version Samples Missing Error with KP2

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    Question GPO full version Samples Missing Error with KP2

    I bought GPO full version yesterday.

    I installed it, do the updates via NI centre, got the KP2 serial number and I still get the "Sample Missing" error when I load the plug-in in Finale or Logic.

    However, when I load it from the GPO application, which load the KP1 user interface, I don't have the eror and I can play the sound as expected.

    Permission was checked and fixed, corn jobs were run and now I have 3 GPO related folders inside my shared folders:

    /Startup Disk/Users/Shared/Finale GPO 2.0/
    /Startup Disk/Users/Shared/GPO KP2 Library/
    /Startup Disk/Users/Shared/GPO Library/

    Also, when I observed the KP1 version, I noticed those missing files that requested by KP2, were actually stored in one of the .nki files. Even I forced KP2 to load it via Sportlight, OS or specify the location, it did not work. Please help.
    Finale 2007c.r2 for Mac
    LogicPro 7.2.3
    GPO Full version

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    Re: GPO full version Samples Missing Error with KP2

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