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Topic: GPO & volume problem when using MIDI controller

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    GPO & volume problem when using MIDI controller

    Hi anyone. I'm beginning to use the Axiom 61 with GPO. Here's the problem. When I play a note (say, the KS Gagli solo violin) on my computer keyboard, the audio output is nice and strong. However, when I play something on the Axiom, the volume level is much lower. Even using the mod wheel, and taking the level up to 127, the volume level is anemic. What am I missing??? I've tried everything I can think of. Thanks

    John Newell

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    Re: GPO & volume problem when using MIDI controller


    It seems that your Axiom may not be sending out the proper MIDI data or communicating with the player. The Mod Wheel on your Axiom should be sending out cc#1 data (most keyboards it defaults this way).

    Are you using GPO as a standalone? Or as a plug-in in a sequencer? You have to make sure that the channels on you Axiom correspond to the channels on the player or in a particular track in your sequencer.

    Check your CC# assignments and your MIDI chanel assignments and see if that helps.

    Gary Garritan

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