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Topic: OT: Be the envy of your friends

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    OT: Be the envy of your friends

    The T-Qualizer Shirt

    "Party like it's 2999 with the glowing display on the T-Qualizer that dynamically changes with any ambient sound or music. This has to be the coolest wearable tech we've seen since the George Foreman backpack grill."

    From Think Geek


    I'm gonna get one.

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    Re: OT: Be the envy of your friends

    i don't know if i'd feel cool wearing that or if i'd feel like a total tool (i didn't mean for that to rhyme). check out some of the youtube posts on it, to see it in action. its kind of funny.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: OT: Be the envy of your friends

    Cool, I have to admit but not for me. Not the way my wife shrinks me clothes.
    Nevertheless, I'll take a size 6db that way when she does shrink it, it will be below 3db and not distort.

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    Re: OT: Be the envy of your friends

    Out of stock!

    I guess demand for this item has really peaked.

    (I know, terrible....)

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    Re: OT: Be the envy of your friends

    I'd buy EQ thongs

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