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Topic: Quietly Quartal

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    Quietly Quartal

    This is a quiet, restful, simple canon. I also have a version based on 5ths, which I like more, but the poor pianist would be playing 9ths only, both hands.
    Eventually, one the versions, including a triad based version (much longer) will become part of a larger work. No pedal, no rest in this piece!

    Quietly Quartal

    Made with GPO Steinway, naturally.


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    Re: Quietly Quartal

    I like this a great deal, Richard; the rich resultant harmony in it
    distantly reminds me of Debussy's La Cathédrale Engloutie.

    On the matter of the fifths version, I don't think I would
    necessarily shy away from it because of all the ninths. Many
    pianists can easily reach that. Even able pianists who
    cannot are generally quite good at "fudging it" with almost
    imperceptibly quick leaps -- though it can be tiring in a long
    piece. In a shorter study, I think that would be quite

    My best,


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    Re: Quietly Quartal

    this was VERY pretty. it's not tonal, yet it still appealed to me (I'm getting finicky in my old age).

    I'd be happy to look at the version in 5ths if you want - my hands are quite large and enjoy tackling pieces that include lots of 9ths and 10ths.

    I have to say that I would probably have played it just a tad slower... I like the atmospheric potential in the piece

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    Re: Quietly Quartal

    Ah, it's Richard, so nice and accessible on that Box site.

    And once again you have engaged my ears and mind so thoroughly with your music. I especially liked the light touch of this piece, so nodded with agreement over the appropriateness of your title.

    I'm glad you have qccowboy offering to try out the practicality of the various interval choices. That should be interesting for both of you!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Quietly Quartal

    Very nice. This is a little more accesible than a lot of your pieces, and yet it still has your stamp on it.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Quietly Quartal

    Here's an excellent, fresh piece which I hope more Forum members take a listen to.

    Randy B.

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