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Topic: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules

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    Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules

    Tom Hopkins recently posted a new "sticky" post in The Listening Room with guidelines for posting new music there. I urge everyone to read it. It's a logical and very reasonable list of rules he's posted.

    I much appreciate Tom's rules, and understand the need for them, and also agree with them whole heartedly. The Listening Room is a very popular, busy Forum, and Tom's guidelines will help the space there be shared more equally amongst those of us posting music.

    I always intend to participate in the Garritan Forums in a way that meshes with the wishes of those in charge, and with the needs of fellow users. Hence---my following question:

    A situation has come up which I'm not sure how to handle.

    An old post of mine from November 2006 was recently and unexpectedly resurrected. A new member didn't understand that he should have posted his musical piece on a new thread, and instead, posted it on my old thread. That's an understandable mistake for a new person to make.

    Additional posts are being added to that thread, in response to the new member's piece, and to mine. I've replied, trying to straighten things out--but I know most people will never wade through that lengthy thread and get a clear picture.

    So the question arises---When an old post is unexpectedly boosted to the first page again, should we still feel obligated to wait until it drops off before posting a new piece?

    Maybe I'm being too literal about the new rules, but I would like clarification.

    My Suggestion

    --is that the dates of posts be the determining factor in this equation. In the case I'm talking about, it's easy to see that the original thread is almost 6 months old. I had no control over it being revived, and so I think it should be acceptable for me to post the new piece of music I was hoping to put up today.

    Am I worrying too much?--Well, I do know that after reading Tom's new rules which I was glad to see, that it bothered me a bit to see someone go ahead and post a new piece when he already had TWO current posts still on the front page. It bothered me more than it has in the past, since Tom's reasonable guidelines are now officially posted.

    I want to avoid irritating someone else in the same way--hence this post and my question.

    Do you think I should feel free to post my new piece since the post of mine currently on page one isn't current? And as you can see, I'm hoping the consensus is that Yes, I Should feel free.

    I ask the moderators and the group. --- ? ----

    Randy B.--trying to play fair

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    Re: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules


    Thank you for your concern.

    These guidelines are for those who were abusing the Listening Room. We have been receiving many complaints about those posting multiple works on page one, reposting old songs again, bumping their own threads, etc - to take up a disproprtionate amount of real estate on page one.

    These guidelines to help others have a fair shot at being heard. The rule is not set in stone. Especially if there is a great deal of comment on other member's works.

    If we see an unusualy high number of new posts by the same person in the Listening Room, we will lock the thread and privately contact the person and ask that person to space out their posts so as to give others an opportunity to be heard.

    Randy, you don't have anything to worry about as you are one of the most considerate and best listeners in the forum (even winning a library for such courtesy).


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules

    Randy, I too think the new rules make a great deal of sense, and
    I'm all in favor of them, most definitely.

    And I'd surely agree with you that the initial posting date should
    be taken into consideration -- no one has control over when an
    old post will be brought back around. It would be unfair to lock a
    post on that basis; and I doubt it would ever happen.

    The key factor, here, is simply consideration of others, giving the
    other fellow a chance to be heard and gain valuable comment and

    Recently I ran into this myself. A new member brought back around
    two of my older pieces. I did, indeed, have another new piece ready
    to post -- but decided to hold off until the older ones floated well
    down the list and off page one.

    I'd suggest a similar outlook. If you've got a piece or two sitting
    on page one, even older material that's been brought back, sit back
    a bit. The music will keep. And an encore now and then is kind of
    fun, too... lol!

    Certainly, though, I don't think anyone for even a moment could have
    anything but good words to say about you, Randy. You've always
    been helpful, always courteous, always considerate, and you are
    most certainly one of the forum's most valued and respected
    listeners and contributors.

    With best regards,


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    Re: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules

    Thank you Very much, Gary, for your clarification. I didn't want to make assumptions about how much gray area there is in the guidelines.

    And since you alluded to the incredible surprise you pulled on me recently---it's my first piece with a certain fabulous Violin that I'm looking forward to putting up later today.

    David!---You and Gary both are too kind. It's very nice to know that my participation here is so appreciated. I feel it's a privilege to be part of such a great online group--But you leave me a bit, --

    Thank you both!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser-
    A new member didn't understand that he should have posted his musical piece on a new thread, and instead, posted it on my old thread. That's an understandable mistake for a new person to make.(rbowser)
    Hi Randy,
    In your particular situation, a PM to Gary or any of the forum moderators with a request to devide the posts and move the newly created posts into a new topic is possible. You would not be disobeying any of these new rules if you were to post a new work, even while one of your older topics was on the front page, especially if it was bumped to the front page by someone other than yourself.


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    Re: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules

    Let's hear it Randy,

    Soon as you like.


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    Re: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules

    Hey, Thanks for that info, Dan--I did not know that before. I think it's best to leave this present "Pinafore" post as it is, but this will be good to remember in the future.

    Thanks, Ray--As soon as I get some other Stuff done this morning, I'll make an MP3 of what I've been working on with my brand spankin' new Strad so you can hear it!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules

    I read your post in full Randy .. but not until after I had commented and then I realised what had happened.

    I'm not 100% certain from reading the new member's post that he/she used Gary's libraries. I don't recall Tom mentioning in the rules that works posted in the 'Listening Room' should include a significant portion of Gary's samples but I've naturally taken it for granted.

    If I've misunderstood and the work was done using Gary's samples or it is considered OK to post works in our Listening Room with none of Gary's samples then I apologise upfront.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules

    Hello, Michael!

    Ah yes, I pictured exactly what happened when you responded to my thread. Your remarks were much appreciated, certainly no harm done in keeping the old thread boosted.

    But I think you're correct--that the new member's post attached to my thread was Not done with any Garritan instruments. He talked about how he uses a hand picked collection of Sound Fonts.---(and as I said in a reply to what he put up, I hope he considers getting GPO---he's in Need of it)

    And I also think you're correct that what we're supposed to be putting up in The Listening Room are pieces done with Garritan libraries. There is a "sticky" post saying "Welcome to the GPO Demo Section"--something like that. Some people have hesitated to put up JABB pieces, but it's actually clear that Gary and his team mean that any of the Garritan collection can be used.

    It does seem to be written down somewhere--maybe I'm thinking of the sticky I just referred to, but yes, whether or not it's included in the new rules Tom posted--it's not considered kosher to be posting pieces that feature other sounds. Only makes sense, and I'm pretty sure that what I'm saying is correct.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Clarification on Tom Hopkins' new Listening Room Rules


    I have posted 2 live works in the listening room over here, and I have never done anything with GPO, since I don't have it... I only have the strad! I am an active member in the Garritan forum and in the general NSS forum... (so many posts in so little time ). I didn't think it would be bad to post the live music. I know that it's not the norm, but really wanted to share it with people that I know would appreciate that kind of music.

    Now on a next work of mine, I will be using the strad extensively so I will post it here as well.

    As for the more than one posts in the 1st page, it simply makes sense to me, and there have been members bumping and posting more than once... As I told Randy, it certainly does not apply to him and his very solid and reasonable making of new threads (like Gary himself says).

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