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Topic: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?

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    Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?

    Something EXTremely hinky has just started happening. I can't tell if the problem is somehow with GPO or with Sonar which I use for recording.

    The issue: When bouncing MIDI/VSTi tracks to audio tracks (GPO), suddenly the relative levels are completely ignored. Volumes in the individual VSTi tracks, buses, master fader--no matter where I put the sliders, the bounced tracks are coming out with everything at full in-the-red volume.--!--?!

    To make sure I was I right about volume levels being ignored, I've run tests with sliders down to ZERO--and the same thing happens--full, distorted, unuseable audio tracks.

    The Only thing which has changed recently on my music computer was that I installed Strad 2, which of course involves the Kontact Player 2. I'm still running GPO in the original default Kontact Player, and this volume issue I've only noticed in projects with GPO.

    I Did two projects with the Strad, adding its tracks to pre-existing audio tracks.

    This is the first time since getting the Strad that I've tried to work with GPO VSTi tracks. That's why I didn't notice any problem until now.

    Could the Kontact Player 2 somehow be usurping resources---or ---?

    If ANY of this rings a bell with Sonar users on the Garritan Forums--I sure would appreciate some HELP!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?

    Hi Randy,
    I don't use Sonar, but I always record each and every instrument to it's own audio track in real time, instead of bouncing which I don't always trust.


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    Re: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?

    Dan, thanks so much for replying!

    WELL now---I did not know you could record soft synths in real time. !---I thought bouncing was the only way possible. The things we learn, my my.

    I'll do that for the project I'm working on, but it still remains a mystery WHy this sudden change? I've always bounced soft synth tracks, but often Not in "fast bounce" mode since that can indeed yield errors. But all those tracks have been perfect, FOrever it's worked.

    As I said, the Only thing that's changed on my computer is adding the Strad with its Kontact Player 2. Usually problems can be traced to the last new thing done to a computer--it's logical. But why would this addition mess up how GPO bounces--?? I still have to wonder if it's some kind of conflict going on between the two different Kontacts--?

    BUT, at least I can go ahead as planned on this project--I haven't tried your advice yet, Dan, but I'm assuming that will work. I record my hardware synths in real time, and vocals, ---I'm ASsuming as I type this will still work.


    Randy B.

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    Re: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?


    I've never run into this issue in Sonar. I use pretty much every Garritan product as well as many other VSTi's.

    You may want to double check your settings when bouncing. It's possible that the 'track automation' setting has been unchecked. I think that's the name of it (I'm at work). I've done something like this in the past and had some goofy results.


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    Re: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?

    Jim, "Haydn"--thanks much for your reply.

    Good call!--Unfortunately that's something I already carefully checked. The button which should be on for reading automation Is on. sigh.

    I'll be recording some tracks in real time, as per Dan's helpful tip, but naturally I'm hoping things return to normal. Maybe my computer's just tired and needs a rest.--Happens!

    Thanks again
    Randy B.

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    Re: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?


    As you say, the problem could be something to do with the installation of the Stradivari violin.

    You could prove it my uninstalling it. If its not too much hassle.

    By the way, very much enjoying your music.


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    Re: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?

    Randy, have you checked, that the GPO Player's Option's "Use std. CC#7/CC#10 volume and pan" hasn't become unchecked somehow?

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    Re: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?

    Thanks for the new ideas.

    Nickie, I think you accidentally said the opposite of what you meant, yes? The "use standard controllers" option actually Should be left un-checked when using GPO as it was designed. I always leave it off, so that hasn't changed.

    David, even though I dreaded the idea of un-installing the Strad to see what happens, I was ready to try it--face the possible re-registration hassles etc--BUT:

    --My first test this morning yielded positive results. I tried bouncing some GPO string tracks, and they came out the way they should---!

    So--it's an intermittent problem. NOt good to have those--But today it does indeed seem things are back to normal.

    Fingers crossed.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?

    Randy, if you want the Player to respond to Sonar's MIDI track Volume slider and CC#7 (volume) MIDI data for overall mixing (not expression, where you use CC#1, as you suggest), then "Use std. CC#7/CC#10 volume and pan" has to be checked (light green). Hence my question. But maybe you don't use CC#7?

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    Re: Crazy making!--GPO or Sonar volume issue--?

    Hello again, Nickie

    Ah, OK--so you Didn't make a mistake in your advice. OK, I understand what you're saying now.

    I never use automation of the MIDI tracks in Sonar, so that's why it's always worked for me to have that Kontact controller option Un-checked.

    I use all MIDI controllers specific to GPO in the MIDI tracks, then bounce to audio, and use Console automation on the faders, pan pots, effects sends etc. for those audio tracks. I sometimes automate the VSTi tracks also before mixing down.

    Meanwhile--the problem I reported yesterday hasn't cropped up today at all. Everything is mysteriously back to normal!

    Thanks again.

    Randy B.

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