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Topic: My first Strad piece!

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    My first Strad piece!

    EDIT TWO: 5/21/07 - Today Daniele asked about the acoustic guitar I used in this piece. I thought it would be fun to answer him (and others interested) even more thoroughly than I already have, by posting the guitar track soloed.

    It's the Real Guitar program put out by Music Lab. The track is a combination of me playing it with a keyboard, editing, and using strum patterns from RG's library. The track wouldn't quite make it all on its own, but it seems to work as one of the instruments in the full mix which is backing the Strad.

    Daniele's question made me think this would be a fun addition to this thread:


    EDIT: 5/18/07 - updating link to a new mix. Excellent feedback on this thread convinced me that the very opening note of the Strad in this piece was too aggressive for the mood. I've changed the dynamics in a new recording--the new link is to the updated file.

    --------(original post)------------

    Regulars here may know that recently I became the proud owner of the Garritan Stradivari, due to the generosity of Gary Garritan and his delight in spreading good energy and surprising people. (--short version of the story--I've been a constant and enthusiastic visitor in The Listening Room, and Gary decided to reward
    me for that. Amazing---)

    Here's the first project in which I've used the Strad (link updated as per my above edit):


    It is a Song, and from Act Two of my musical, "Dorian-The Remarkable Mr. Gray." To be exact, it's a love song. The title is "We Can Step Into Forever."

    This version leaves off the introduction and opening verse and starts with the chorus. The Violin's lead part is based on the vocal line for the song. I've panned the Strad dead center, and moved it up in the mix--treating this recording much the way a vocal mix would be done.

    My plans for this project is for it to be the Audience Exit music after the show's curtain call. I'll leave the audience with the strains of one of the show's more hummable songs, re-arranged in this way with the Strad stepping way up front as Concert Master.

    (This feels like an initiation--well it is, into the circle of Garritan Strad users--hence, the traditional subject line "My First Strad!")

    It is nothing short of thrilling to be finally working with this amazingly constructed instrument. If anyone has any doubt that Gary and his team have taken sampling technology to a new incredibly high level, then they just have been paying enough attention!

    Randy B.
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    Re: My first Strad piece!

    Cool Randy!

    This will be a good exit piece.
    Aint that fiddle fun?

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    Re: My first Strad piece!

    Hi Randy,
    What a really vibrant piece!
    As I listened, it came to me that this would
    really be a great piece for marching band.
    It has all the elements of a "closing."
    This is when the Band or Drum Corps builds
    for a push with a large sound and movement toward the sideline.
    Marching groups are always looking for a new sound which follows certain guidelines.
    If you know anyone with a Marching Band, give †hem a listen...

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    Re: My first Strad piece!

    Well, it sure didn't take long for you to get a firm grasp
    on the neck of that Strad, Randy!

    Heck of a good job on this -- first time or otherwise, my
    friend... like most everything else you've done lately,
    this one had me fully engaged in the writing, of course;
    but likewise in the rendering! Dang, but there are some
    downright golden touches in this... listened through
    it a good dozen times.


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    Re: My first Strad piece!

    Sounds like it should be on top of the charts. Nice work. I keep hearing a simple bass drum beat with high hat, wtih rim shots sprinkled here and there for emphasis, all driving to the climax where some cymbal work takes it out. Probably too commercial a sound then. I like the way it builds.
    tony h
    tony h
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    Re: My first Strad piece!


    You really get a nice performance out of the Strad. the only thing I didn't like was the very first note - the attack seemed too harsh. But after that, everythign was golden! The Strad cutting loose was very well handled. Oh, and I should mention that the piece is very good, as well.

    Excellent work - which comes as no surprise.

    If this is what you do with your first Strad, who knows where this will lead...
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: My first Strad piece!

    Lovely tune! Just lovely!

    I agree that the first note is much too strong but the rest is very nice.

    Great job, Brother Bowser.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: My first Strad piece!

    Such melodies!!

    Randy, This was terrific work!

    I can imagine you begin your arrangments with lyrics in mind... you must, because I can hear them clearly!
    ... and they sound magnificent, especialy in full chorus!

    Truly an absolute pleasure to listen.. from beginging to end!



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    Re: My first Strad piece!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    I love my Strad so much it makes my eyes get misty--it really does. (insert poignant teary eyed smiley)

    Dan! Yes indeed this fiddle is fun! hehe.

    Gary--What an interesting, even surprising idea, for this to be developed into a marching band piece! In its full version, with the vocalists, it's a power house pop duet. I hadn't imagined it in such a different form--Thanks for expanding my thinking!

    David!--I'm so glad you think I'm getting a good grip on the Strad's neck! "Golden touches"--wow, I sure like that. I used this as a learning piece, with manual in hand, and I tried most everything I could find--No Pizz needed in this, but otherwise, covered most of the other controllers and switches.

    Tony H--Very glad to hear you say it sounds like a pop chart topper. What you described wasn't "too commercial" at all. The original full version, arrange to back singers, has electric guitar and a drum kit--tracks I took out for this softer version for backing the Strad. I intend this song to be a fairly simple, big and lush love song that can stand on its own out of context of the stage musical. If it could end up on a Billboard chart, that's fiiine with me.

    Ron and Larry, glad you guys liked it! Excellent feedback on the Strad's entrance note. I debated with myself about whether to have a gentle entrance or an aggressive one. I decided to try a "jumping RIght in there" dramatic entrance, but you've sold me. I'll switch it back.

    Jeff--your enthusiasm is Also much appreciated. Wow--I'm so glad you guys have enjoyed both the tune and the Strad work. I'm so stoked!

    Randy B.

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    Re: My first Strad piece!

    Randy...Randy...Randy! What a nice piece of work! Wonderful melody and I found myself humming along. For your first strad piece, you did a great job.

    As pointed out earlier, the only thing that sounded a bit "off" was the sharp note at the entrance of the piece, however, being as creative as you are, I am sure you already had several intro's mocked up

    Again, great work and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Jaker "Shaver"

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