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Topic: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

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    What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

    Okay so here's the thing... I had this computer custom built for me by registered qualified professionals at their shop back in September i believe it was and here is what I told them...

    I need a computer that is fast but stable and can run intensive plug ins and music software but it needs to be quiet at the same time..like dead quiet.

    so. We go over parts and price and everything is dandy. Within less then a week i start have troubles booting up, it asks for a boot up cd, freezes on windows boot up, delayed right errors, gets stuck checking ide drives, etc. So i take it back and they say they fix it, itwas a trojan messing up my windows boot log(I don't even have internet on my computer and i didn't install anything bad) . within less then a week same problems so i take it back and they said for some reason the drives weren't properly configured for bootup.

    so i go home same friggin problems. and this process has been repeated about 6 or 7 times now and half the times they have charged me service fees for their mess up. the last time they "fixed it" they replaced the hard drive which was a week ago or so but I still have the same problems.

    I don't know what to do. I payed over a grand for this thing and this problem has just disabled my home project studio. They don't seem to realize that I'm not just playing solitaire on this thing, I've got several projects going for sound for animation, I'm trying to get my own music going, other peoples music going, etc. And not only did they build me an unstable computer but they didn't even end up building a quiet one - their solution was to put in some special fan less power supply that stays cool, but the CPU fan is noisy as hell and they built the pc in some stock aluminum case (which i now realize and found out is bad for noise reduction as its rattly and doesn't deaden sound)

    what would you do?

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    Re: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

    What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer
    Wow! I don't think I would have much endurance for the explanations they give you. I would continue to insists they get it right or offer them a slow ride down a wide river in a small raft with a slow leak, no paddles and no way to shore. In other words, trip down Niagara Falls the hard way. OK, just kidding ...
    I would make sure they understand what you are using it for. Also, see if you can get them to turn off all the "business" carp running in the background you absolutely do not need! It just may be conflicting.
    Yet, I know there are qualified pc / mac forum members that know a heck of a lot more than I that can help you so hold on thar Babalooie!
    Good luck and if you do find someone who knows how to put these things together right, let me know.

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    Re: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer


    I don't know how this works in your country but here if a client has a reclamation within the warranty time the vendor has the right to repair the product. Two times. After that the client has the right to step back from the buy.

    Since you have serious trouble here and your specifications are not fulfilled (noise) I would give this computer back to them and buy one from an expertized DAW builder.

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    Re: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

    The symptoms you describe are that of a faulty motherboard IMO, especially if the drives have already been replaced.

    Good luck!

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    Re: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

    Looks like the hard disk controller. Try replacing the motherboard
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    Re: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

    Yes, the problem is likely the motherboard, but fixing it won't make the machine quiet or suited to your needs. If you can, return it and buy from an actual DAW builder.

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    Re: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

    I'd take it back and demand a full refund, and do what others have suggested.
    Use an experienced DAW builder.

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    Re: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

    Many computer companies seem to have gotten the idea that they don't have to take returns or give refunds. I buy at least one or two machines per year. And I have had to return a number of them. It seems like there are more and more problems - most as a result of faulty components which the manufacturer refuses to acknowledge or replace - such as hard drives that show errors or DIMMs that fail standard memory tests. (HP/Compaq is one of the few major brands that has never given me a problem with a return.)

    Ultimately, all companies took the return. But was not easy and it takes a lot of time and effort. Once, I had to resort to small claims action. (This is not an option if you buy through the Internet, by phone or mail order.) If the company is reputable, you need to reach someone higher up in the food chain. If the tech support and sales departments won't help you, you want to try to reach the corporate headquarters or executive offices. Most company presidents have someone in their offices that handle unresolved consumer complaints.

    The thing to remember is that the cost of your computer (or even a threat of a lawsuit) is not going to hurt them financially. They have nothing to lose by putting you off and trying to wear you down. What they don't like is bad publicity - especially letters to the editors of trade publications or the newspapers in the city where their headquarters are based. Negative reviews on consumer websites get their attention. In my experience, attorney generals are a waste of time because they don't legally have the power to act on individual complaints. And the Better Business Bureau always sides with the manufacturer (hmm ... companies pay a fee to join the BBB ... I wonder why.)

    That said, reaching the corporate executives who do handle these matters (and are effected by negative reviews) can be a challenge. Understandably, the company phone operators, tech support departments and sales offices try to discourage you from contacting them and often will not even admit to their existence let alone give you a phone number. Too many of them see this as a way of in effect saying that they aren't doing their jobs (which they aren't, if you're getting stuck with a defective computer). The best way to find someone who can actually help you is to search the web for [Company name] and a word like "problem", "defective" or even "fraud". This will usually turn up hundreds or thousands of hits, some of them for web sites created by other customers who have had a bad experience with the company. Many will be just rants, but some will also list what they did to resolve the problem and this will help. You might find something incredibly useful like the C.E.O.'s email address.

    It's much harder if you purchased your computer from a smaller company, where a handfull of people may be running the show and the profit margin is a lot tighter. The key here is (a) pay by credit card, (b) find defects early and (c) report them to your bank within the allowable period. You have to allow the merchant to repair or replace a defective machine. But if they haven't done anything in 30 days or they aren't being cooperative, you need to get something to the bank on paper right away.

    Lawyers and consumer groups can give you more detailed information. Many of them have websites where free advice is posted. I am not an expert in this matter. I am merely posting my own experiences and opinions, as I buy computers and software on a regular basis (and have been doing so for more than 20 years). It seems that this type of problem is occurring much more frequently than at any time since the early days when computer technology was very new and expensive.

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    Re: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

    This is why I build my own.

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    Re: What would you do if someone built you a rotten computer

    Quote Originally Posted by loydb
    This is why I build my own.
    Me too. Then it's easier for me to strangle the tech guy who made it. A real DAW builder in my book should also install/test your audio interface, install the software, ect. Other than that to me it wouldn't be any different than getting custom machine from Dell.

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