I have been having quite an ordeal trying to get Chris Hein Guitars up and running,I was using Kontakt 2.09 which was working fine w/ other libraries.but CHG needs a newer version of Kontakt(included K2Player works but is very limited)so with the encouragement of Chris Hein and Native Instruments tech support, I upgraded to K2.1 which would crash whenever I tried to load an Instrument.........called NI tech support and I was told 2.1 had known issues and i should update to K2.2.1 (and that would solve problems).........I did and now K2.2.1 crashs whenever I try to load any library into it,yes i repaired permissions, ran DW ....rebooted etc,it does not work.Every time I try to rebuild the database(5-6 times )it starts and stalls at about the same point as it is reading the sample hard drive and then quits.I was able to get CHG to load in a new empty project w/included K2 player but not w/ K2 2.2.1 as it will crash whenever I try to load(these Sample Instruments are massive).As you can imagine, I am very frustrated a new library has essentially made K2 and all of my other librariies I use it for useless.any one have any ideas how to get an K2.2.1 running correctly or an older version of Kontakt 2 up and running after upgrading to a newer version?
thanks in advance KG