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Topic: Gigastudio 3.2 memory problem

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    Smile Gigastudio 3.2 memory problem

    Dear Users,
    I've updated my Gigastudio with 512MB ram. Now this machine uses 2,5GB RAM. My system prefrences do show this amount, but when I start my Gigastudio (recently updated to 3.2), and run the memory test, it only shows 2.0 GB RAM.
    Besides that I can't seem to get the loading above 58%.

    I've tried all presets (1 to 4) and the MathiasMemory tweak.
    Nothing seems to resolve my problem.

    Could somebody please help me a hand and get me on the right track?

    Thanks mates


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    Re: Gigastudio 3.2 memory problem

    Tell us about your system setup; in some cases can be very helpful in solving a problem.

    See my details for an example of what we would like to see.
    DAW ONE: CPU: 3.4GHz; RAM: 2 GIGS DDR400; Mobo P4 GIGABYTE ;80GIG IDE HD;2 X WD SATA HD Raptors 10KRPM 74GIG in RAID 0;
    M Audio Firewire 410; Midisport 8X8

    Hauptwerk V3
    DAW TWO: CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core; RAM 4 gigs DDR2533: MOBO Asrock ConRoeFirex - eSATA2; 2 x SATA 80 GIG, HDs; M Audio Delta 1010 and a Delta 1010LT, soundcards; MOTU Express 128 i/f

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