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Topic: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

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    Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

    Hi guys
    Although I only joined a month or so ago, Ive already received a "Oi! say something on the forum" message, so here I am posting something! I wrote and produced it about a month ago over a couple of evenings, but have been way too busy with uni work to get round to posting it up here. Its basically a piece (quite pastoral) for woodwind, strings and marimba as I wanted to explore certain qualities of GPO. (still thinking "wow" everytime i say GPO!) The opening is more about atmosphere, developing on a simple 4 note motif which the oboe makes clear in its entry.
    hope you enjoy it!


    might have a slow loading time. sorry, will try to find a faster website in the future.


    PS: Sorry I havent listened to others pieces recently. my internet pc has no speakers and has dodgy audio drivers (linux!) so I cant really comment on stuff, tho id love to hear other poeples work!

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    Senior Member rayzalaf's Avatar
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    Re: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba


    Very nice indeed, and thanks for posting this as your first offering here. A fine example of your skill and of GPO in action, and your absolutely right about how wonderful a library it is. I thought there was a little distortion on the first crescendo, but that is a minor issue.

    On the website issue, there are a few free music hosting sites. I use SoundClick but there are others like Box.net

    Well Done


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    Re: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

    Thanks Ray

    Your right, there is a little distortion on the first, but by the time I'd got round to sorting it out, it was either 3 in the morning or I had other work to do, so it got left as it is. Nevermind!

    This is actually the second piece Ive posted. The first is here:


    Thanks again


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    Re: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

    Hello, Ben

    I remember when you posted your first piece here, because I was disappointed that I couldn't get the link to work. Reading the replies on that thread made me see that I was missing out!

    But this morning I've managed to trick the site into playing your new file--Their displayed streaming player doesn't work for me for some reason, but on the page there is a thing for testing MP3 widgets, intended for you, the site's user. I clicked that, and played "Idyll" through the test widget.

    ---(which is all neither here nor there really---just wanted to share the paaaain I went through to get to hear your music!)---

    Beautiful. Thoroughly captivating music, recorded extremely well. It took me into that thoroughly uncritical and purely responsive mode where I like to be when I listen to music.

    I am delighted to acknowledge you, Ben, as a very gifted musician whom we are very fortunate to have in our group.

    I am SO glad I finally got to hear something from you.

    Randy B.

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    Thumbs up Re: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

    Ben, Thanks for waking my heart up. Beautiful work of emotion musically. The strings are nothing short of sweetness just they way one would expect. Your musical heart is beating perfectly. Very nice indeed!!!!!

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    Re: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

    Beautifully done, Ben!

    A piece of quiet strength, I was quite taken with
    some of the nuances of rendering on this: superb
    and highly impactful use of dynamics in it, that
    really make the piece... and the pacing was
    dead on.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this pastorale, Ben; one of
    the "best listens" I've had, lately... please, do come
    by more often with more of your work!

    My best,


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    Re: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

    Enjoyed this a lot, Ben. Some great contrasts here and unexpected shifts in the mood of this atmospheric and moving piece. Good to hear the miramba - something I've yet to explore. Keep posting!

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

    You say "wow" every time you say GPO? So far I say "wow" every time you use GPO (once and counting?) This song is quite excellent and I enjoyed listening to it. I especially like the way you used the marimba throughout. It gives the piece a nice distinctive sound without taking over the whole song, which is an impressive feat imo.

    Looking forward to more!
    There is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Therefore there must be a God. You either get this one or you don't - Kreeft & Tacelli
    The will to achieve is not sufficient. Some things should not be achieved. - Rimsky-Korsakov
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    Re: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

    as a lover of slow paced music I really enjoyed this Idyll, it's sweet without being predictable. As others have said the use of the marimba adds to the overall atmosphere...


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    Re: Idyll - for strings, woodwind and marimba

    Thanks guys

    you are all too kind with your praise! If you dont mind Im gonna try and reply to each post individually, otherwise im just gonna confuse myself!

    rbowser - sorry you went through so much pain just to hear it, but thankyou for takng the time to do so! If you heard it throught a test function does that mean the link ive put up takes people into my personal account (where they can make changes?!) Im delighted that it moved you into that "uncritical and purely responsive mode". Its so hard to reach that point with modern music (particularly in academic circles) it seems, cos everyone is trying to analyse and work out what youve done. At least that seems to be the case at my uni (manchester) where if its not atonal and changing time signature every bar then your probably not going to do very well! Please dont interpret this as a declaration of my dislike for modern music, i think some of it is VERY good, but rarely am i able to really enjoy it as I would Brahms or Beethoven..! Thankyou again rbowser!

    Styxx - Thankyou very much!

    EtLux - Thankyou! I spend a lot of time I should be sleeping trying to get it sounding just right and gradually Im learning! I plan to come by a lot more often as soon as uni finishes, hopefully with more contributions!

    Graham and chris - the marimba is a great instrument! I used it in this piece to familiarise myself with it before writing for a real one in a music theatre piece (although the style was COMPLETELY different!) I find GPO invaluable for doing mock ups of comps for real instruments. Its taught me so much about orchestration and theres so much more to learn...

    Thanks again to you all! You've made my day a happy one!


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